June 15, 2019

Nevada Passes Bill Banning Animal Testing For Cosmetics

The bill does however exempt cosmetics imported from China, which under current law require to be tested on animals

May 23, 2019

Vegan JUST Egg Launches In Mainland China

The product is being offered by e-commerce, retail, and foodservice outlets in China, including Hema, Tmall.com, Hunter Gatherer, and FreshFresh.com among others

May 15, 2019

Zimbabwe Tears Baby Elephants From The Wild For Export To Chinese Zoos

The global community, including many African nations, are increasingly in agreement on the need to conserve these precious animals. Yet Zimbabwe continues to allow the practice of ripping baby elephants from their families and homes and sending them to live and die in captivity

May 3, 2019

Major Vegan Event - VeggieWorld - Comes To China For The First Time

The event, which features exhibitors from eight countries, offers vegan products 'from all areas of life' - including milk and meat alternatives, superfoods, sweets, drinks, clothing, accessories, cosmetics, and services

April 18, 2019

Avon Calls For Global Animal Testing Ban - Despite Selling In China

The beauty company has joined the #BeCrueltyFree campaign whilst failing to have cruelty-free accreditation itself for operating in the Chinese market

April 10, 2019

Oatly Creates Chinese Word For 'Vegan Milk' As It Launches In Hong Kong

Oatly says Hong Kong people say they want more information and education about plant-based milk - and the Swedish company wants to expand the category for all like-minded businesses

April 9, 2019

Vegan Snooker Player Neil Robertson Wins Chinese Open

The Australian player, who is currently enjoying remarkable form, spoke about how easy he finds it to stick to a vegan diet in China

April 4, 2019

'Major Progress' As China Greenlights 2 Non-Animal Methods For Some Cosmetic Testing

The new methods pertain to tests for eye and skin irritation, and according to vegan charity PETA, they will 'will spare countless animals the agony of having substances dripped into their eyes and rubbed onto their skin'

March 29, 2019

China To Launch Its First Mainstream Vegan Yogurt

The product, which has taken three years of research and development, will become available to consumers next month according to reports

March 17, 2019

China Celebrates Step Closer To Banning Cosmetic Animal Testing

Post-market testing for finished imported and domestically produced cosmetics in China will no longer include animal tests

February 25, 2019

Clarins Launches 'Vegan' Skincare Range It Won't Sell In China

The new line is aimed at teenagers and those in their early twenties. The products are based on fruit extracts

June 13, 2017

Dog Meat 'Not Popular' in Yulin, China - Despite Controversial Festival

Campaigners believe the information is vital in fighting the dog meat industry