March 20, 2019

Over 25% Of People Feed Their Companion Cats And Dogs A Vegan Diet, Says Poll

While most people agree that as omnivores, dogs can be very healthy on a well-planned vegan diet, there is more debate around cats, as they are natural carnivores

November 25, 2018

Feeding Cats A Vegan Diet Could Potentially Break The Law

But a vegan veterinarian says he has found 'no conclusive evidence that cats and dogs fed well-planned and nutritional vegan diets are less healthy than the norm'

September 15, 2018

Over 120 Shelter Animals Rescued From Hurricane Florence Floods

The Cajun Navy and a number of volunteers came to the animals' aid

August 27, 2018

Electric Dog Collars To Be Banned In England

The 'cruel' devices are soon to become illegal

July 16, 2018

Further Violence Feared After Firecracker Is Detonated Inside Stray Cat

The animal is currently being treated for serious wounds

July 13, 2018

Vegan Blasted For Feeding Cat A Plant-Based Diet

He has been accused of 'killing' and 'abusing' the animal by some

July 11, 2018

Animal-Loving Child Dies In Attempted Kitten Rescue

According to her mother, 10-year-old Greenlee 'loved her babies and would do anything for them'

May 20, 2018

Researchers Concerned Lethal Pig Virus Could Also Infect Humans

The virus causes severe diarreah, vomitting, and sometimes death

May 10, 2018

British Columbia Bans 'Inhumane' Cat Declawing

The move is reportedly the result of professional, and public, consensus

April 3, 2018

55 Cats Saved From 'Hellish' Hoarding Flat In India

Almost every surface of the apartment was covered in feces

December 17, 2017

Domestic Cat ‘Mutilation’ Finally Banned In Nova Scotia

Now campaigners want a ban enforced nationwide