June 12, 2019

Canada Pledges To Ban Single-Use Plastic By 2021

'Canadians know first-hand the impacts of plastic pollution and are tired of seeing their beaches, parks, streets, and shorelines littered with plastic waste'

May 26, 2019

More Than 100 Exotic Animals To Be Rescued From 'Neglect and Cruelty' At Roadside Zoo

'Some of the animals were showing signs of significant psychological distress including compulsive, constant pacing'

May 15, 2019

Beyond Meat Shares Soar After Tim Hortons Trials Its Vegan Sausage

It has been reported the company's shares increased by 'as much as 16%' and reached an 'all-time high of $93'

May 7, 2019

Vegan Ground Beef Launching In Meat Aisle In Stores Across North America

The Lightlife Ground will hit shelves in thousands of stores across the US and Canada this Summer, alongside the brand's new Lightlife Burger

March 26, 2019

International Vegan Film Festival Now Open For Submissions

The festival, which is in its second year, will showcase the best of the vegan film world. '73 Cows' - which went on to win a BAFTA - was the winner of the first festival

March 20, 2019

World's Biggest Vegan Fast Food Chain On Track To Open Over 200 Outlets

Copper Branch says it will hit the 50-store mark in April with 15 new restaurant openings in North America - with a further 150 to open by 2020

March 15, 2019

Vegan Beyond Sausage Now Available In Stores In Canada

The sausages, which come in three flavors including bratwurst, sweet Italian, and hot Italian, were initially launched in the US at the end of 2017. They are becoming more available as Beyond Meat expands globally

March 4, 2019

Top Doctors To Speak At Canada's First Plant-Based Nutrition And Health Conference

The event, which will provide evidence-based education in the field of plant-based nutrition for prevention and treatment of chronic disease, is open to health professionals and the public

March 2, 2019

Fast-Food Chain A&W Welcomes Beyond Meat's Vegan Sausage To Its Menu

The meat-free alternative will be available in all of its 925 Canadian stores, starting March 11

February 27, 2019

Canadian Dairy Farmers Forced To Remove Lying Adverts Claiming Milk Contains No Growth Hormones

Following the advert's release across the country, multiple complaints were made to Advertising Standards Canada, leading to the ads being pulled

February 20, 2019

Canadian Vegan Food Producer Ordered To Ditch The Word 'Cheese'

A UK vegan cheese shop is having a similar experience - with a pro-dairy organization demanding it stops calling its products 'plant-based cheese' - or face legal action

January 23, 2019

New Canada Food Guide Ditches Dairy And Says 'Eat More Vegan Foods'

The new suggestions have made global headlines - with the dairy industry angry at being left out. But one major health organization said it was 'pleased with the federal government's overall direction'

January 10, 2019

Canadian Vegan Fast Food Chain To Open 230 Outlets Globally By End Of 2020

Copper Branch will open its first US branch on February 1, with many more outlets set to open across North America and France over the next 24 months

January 7, 2019

'Go Vegan Or We Die' Vegan Activists Say While Protesting Brazil's New President

The campaigners called on the new president to try Veganuary, saying that ditching animal products is essential to save the Amazon

December 9, 2018

Vegan Startup 'Real Fake Meats' Opens Plant-Based Butcher Shop

The store founders launched an online business earlier this year, now they want to offer their customers 'the environment of a cruelty-free butcher shop'

November 14, 2018

PBN Documentary 'Vegan 2018' To Premiere In Vancouver This Month

The film tracks the rise of the vegan movement throughout the last 12 months

October 7, 2018

Toronto City Council Asks Public To Weigh In On Plastic Problem

One concillor says single-use plastics are hurting the environment, and costing the city money

October 6, 2018

Vegan Community Resource Center Opens In Vancouver

The pop-up project will run through October 8

September 23, 2018

Vegan Ice-Cream Brand Issues Recall Due To Dairy Contamination

The brand's Mint Chip and Peanut Butter Chocolate flavors have been recalled

September 13, 2018

Major Canadian Vegan Fast Food Chain Expands To US

The eatery has more than 30 branches across Canada

September 8, 2018

Dead Humpback Found Entangled In Rope

Fishing gear and starvation dubbed 'trouble' for all species

September 6, 2018

Vegan Activists To Protest Toronto International Film Festival Over Canada Goose Sponsorship

The brand is controversial because of its inhumane treatment of animals

September 2, 2018

Investigation Launched After 'Gruesome' Cow Skinning Video Appears Online

Local police say they will not treat the case as an instance of animal cruelty

September 2, 2018

Canadian Government Invests $250 Million Into Dairy Industry

PM Trudeau says he will 'stand up to defend' the dairy industry

August 27, 2018

Politicians Criticized For Connections To Animal Ag 'Cartels'

One MP says deals with meat, dairy, and egg industries are hurting Canada's economy

August 26, 2018

Meat Giant Maple Leaf Foods Brings Meat Alternatives To Canadian Market

The brand has acquired two meat-free companies, to target a growing market

August 5, 2018

13-Year-Old Girl Hospitalized, 4 Bears Killed During Ministry Of Environment Operation

The girl was a bystander during a hunt for 'problem bears'

August 4, 2018

BC Farm Fined $17,000 For Manure Lagoon Spill And Waste Spreading

The incident posed a risk to a nearby water supply

July 26, 2018

Meat Industry Facing Future Problems As Most Vegans Are Young, Says Expert

An increasing number of people are opting for plant-based food

July 16, 2018

'Canada-Wide Shortage' Of Vegan Beyond Burger Is Due To 'Extreme Popularity'

The patty is becoming increasingly hard to get hold of

July 14, 2018

Vegan Halo Top Launched In Canada By Popular Demand

Dairy-free low-calorie pints were reportedly the most requested item in Canada

July 11, 2018

A&W Urged To Make Its Beyond Burger Offering '100% Vegan-Friendly'

The patty is cooked alongside meat and served with mayonnaise

July 6, 2018

International Vegan Film Festival Calls For Submissions As Deadline Looms

There are less than four weeks until the deadline for entries

June 26, 2018

Bluesfest Preparation On Hold For Bird And Her Eggs

Organizers have hired a security guard to protect the killdeer

June 26, 2018

Exposé Shows 'Hens Trapped In Feces And Caged With Rotting Corpses' On Egg Farms

Undercover investigators captured the grim footage

June 21, 2018

Plant-Based Beyond Burger Coming To Canada's 1,000 A&W Restaurants

The companies have confirmed the earlier rumors

June 20, 2018

Canada Moves Closer To Cosmetics Animal Testing Ban

A number of organizations are campaigning for new legislation

June 18, 2018

'Bacon Versus Facon' As Vegan Cafe Opens Next Door To Butchers

The pairing has been seen as a novelty by many locals

June 17, 2018

Horse-Drawn Carriages To Be Banned In Montreal

The local SPCA called the industry 'antiquated and inhumane'

June 16, 2018

Fast Food Chain A&W Rumored To Be Launching Beyond Meat Products

It is unclear at this time which products could be offered by the chain

June 9, 2018

Man Who Left Dog In Hot Car Found Guilty Of Animal Cruelty

One SPCA representative said 'there is no excuse to leave an animal in a hot vehicle for any amount of time'

May 28, 2018

New Animal-Free Pet Food Company Aims For 'Worldwide Impact' With Algae And Clean Meat

Because Animals aims to offer products that are 'nutrient-packed, human-grade, and environmentally sustainable'

May 27, 2018

Vancouver Confirms Plastic Straw Ban

Vancouver will be the first major Canadian city to approve such a policy

May 26, 2018

Ontario Horse Cruelty Case Reaches Death Count Of 13

One Speedsport Stables client says she is 'disgusted' by what happened there

May 8, 2018

Major New Vegan Film Festival Now Accepting Submissions

Event organizers want to showcase the 'best of the vegan film world'

April 11, 2018

More Than 50% Of Canadians Eat Meat Alternatives

Almost a fifth - 18 percent - eat alternative products multiple times a week

April 2, 2018

Controversy As Canada Invests $4.3 Million In Prisoner-Staffed Animal Agriculture

One animal advocacy group is appealing to inmates for their help

March 30, 2018

Vegan Activist Receives Vicious Online Backlash After Restaurant Protest

The protest was undertaken in a bid to smash the 'humane myth' myth

March 29, 2018

Chef Carves Up Deer Leg In Front Of Vegan Protestors

He said he 'wanted to offend' the activists

March 26, 2018

'World's First' Vegan International Film Festival To Debut In Canada

The event will showcase the best of the vegan film world

March 20, 2018

QDOBA Mexican Grill Offers Vegan And Vegetarian Discount

Customers who order meat free salads and burrito bowls will save an avergae of $0.60

March 19, 2018

Toronto's 10th Annual Vegan Bake-Off Sells 700 Advanced Tickets

Creator Lisa Pitman has been an ethical vegan since her teens

March 14, 2018

'Mind-Blowing' Rates Of Vegans and Vegetarians Are Young People, Says New Poll

The food industry will 'have to adapt' to changing eating habits

March 6, 2018

Canadian Government To Invest $150 Million In Plant-Based Sector

The decision reflects increasing demand for plant-based protein

February 12, 2018

Mink Fur Farming Industry 'Going Bust' Across Eastern Canada

Demand for fur is declining in the region

January 31, 2018

Soy Is The Healthiest Plant Based Milk, Researchers Say

Rice milk was described as the least nutritionally adequate

January 25, 2018

Teenager Charged After Allegedly Assaulting A Woman And Killing A Dog

He will enter his plea at the end of the month

January 22, 2018

Vancouver Aquarium Bans Whales and Dolphins Citing Public Pressure

The announcement follows years of campaigning, as well as the tragic deaths of a number of animals

January 22, 2018

Major Canadian Pizza Chain Expands Vegan Menu

The eatery wants to cater to the country's growing vegan community

January 10, 2018

Council Invests $8M In Turkey 'Packaging Plant' - Despite Local Outcry

While business bosses say they will create jobs, locals cited health and environmental concerns

January 3, 2018

Locals Rally To Save Beached Whale In Small Town Eastern Canada

A surfer said he had 'no doubt' the animal knew they were trying to help

December 29, 2017

Are Plant Based Diets Behind Boom In Pulses?

The amount of pulse acres has doubled in the last five years in a Canadian province

December 28, 2017

Replacing Animal Protein With Plant Sources Can Prevent Heart Disease, New Study Says

The lead author of the research confirmed that plant-based diets are 'heart healthy'

December 20, 2017

BC Grizzly Hunting Ban Could Save Hundreds Of Bears Every Year

The ban has the support of many local people

December 19, 2017

Public Reacts 'Positively' To Canada's Upcoming Vegan-Focused Food Guide

The long-awaited guidance advises Canadians to 'choose mostly plant-based foods'

December 17, 2017

Domestic Cat ‘Mutilation’ Finally Banned In Nova Scotia

Now campaigners want a ban enforced nationwide

December 11, 2017

Montreal To Repeal Controversial Pit Bull Ban

The city wants to be more inclusive of all people with companion animals

November 30, 2017

Mother And Daughter Launch Vegan Lipstick For The Environmentally Conscious

The pair wants to 'make the world a more beautiful place without hurting it in the process'

November 30, 2017

Former Cattle Rancher: 'Farmers Feel Under Attack Due To Animal Activism'

Canadian farmer Mike Lanigan now runs a vegetables-only farm and an animal sanctuary

November 22, 2017

Starbucks Debuts Vegan Friendly Toffee Almond Milk Hot Cocoa

The new festive beverage can be ordered vegan

November 17, 2017

Award Winning Chef To Open Toronto's First Vegan Diner

The diner will offer veganized versions of traditional classics

October 30, 2017

BANNED: Canada Ditches Partially Hydrogenated Oils To 'Save Lives'

The ban could prevent up to 12,000 heart attacks over the next two decades

October 26, 2017

First All Vegan Gift Basket Delivery Debuts In Canada

The animal-free concept store is the first of its kind

August 21, 2017

Gourmet Vegan Food Service Launches In Toronto's Financial District

The new concept aims to deliver tasty food while minimizing the environmental footprint

August 21, 2017

Campaigners Urge Justin Trudeau: Do Not Give In To Pressure From Animal Agriculture

Canada's Animal Protection Party advocates a vegan lifestyle

August 4, 2017

Giant New Vegan Pizza Joint To Open In Toronto

The new eatery will join the city's thriving vegan scene