June 7, 2018

Vegan Artists Join Forces To Create Graphic Novel Cookbook

The original tome explores 'friendship, food, fantasy, fraud and f***ing capitalism'

February 2, 2018

Vegan Environmentalist Moby Releases Post Apocalyptic Music Video

The musician uses vegan messaging in his latest project

January 8, 2018

1,000 Pounds Of Butter Used For Sculpture That 'Honors Dairy Industry': A Good Idea?

The carving pays tribute to one of the most despicable industries out there

November 17, 2017

New Vegan Film Highlights Plight Of Pigs In 'Saleyards' Between Farm And Slaughterhouse

The poignant film shows animals searching for answers

October 31, 2017

VIDEO: This World Vegan Day Tell A Vegan ‘Shut Up!’

This video from Jay Brave is the perfect response to carnist propaganda

September 27, 2017

WATCH: PBN Exclusive Interview With Simple Happy Kitchen

The team is working on an innovative vegan food guide

September 26, 2017

New York's Guggenheim Museum Pulls Abusive Animal 'Art' After Pressure

Many people were horrified by the exhibitions which appear to show animal cruelty

September 1, 2017

8 Vegan Artists Whose Work Will Blow Your Mind

Campaigning for animal rights one art piece at a time

August 18, 2017

Central London Restaurant Shares Vegan Artwork In Its Windows

The artist aims to spread the vegan message through creativity

August 17, 2017

Award-Winning Photojournalist Jo-Anne McArthur Releases Haunting Exposé Of Animals In Captivity

The artist has brought many provocative images to the public arena