October 7, 2018

11-Year-Old Charged With Animal Cruelty After Alledgedly Throwing Family Cat

A neighbor reportedly recorded the incident

October 6, 2018

Shelter Closed After Allegedly Freezing Live Kittens

A Spencer County Animal Control Officer has been fired in conjunction with the closure

September 30, 2018

14-Year-Old Charged With Animal Cruelty After Allegedly Killing A Baby Cow

The boy is accused of shooting the calf

September 29, 2018

Four Men Charged With Torturing And Killing Kangaroos

A member of the local police force described the acts as 'disturbing' and 'cowardly'

August 13, 2018

Helsinki Fashion Week Ditches Leather In Stand Against Animal Cruelty

The event will stop featuring the skins from next year

August 7, 2018

UK Government To Increase Maximum Animal Cruelty Sentences

Abusers will face up to five years in jail under draft legislation

July 8, 2018

'Sanctuary' Owner Charged With Animal Cruelty In 145-Animal Case

More than half of the animals involved tested positive for parasites

June 30, 2018

Man Charged With Animal Cruelty After Allegedly Burying Kitten Alive

Johnny Mack Rogers will face a felony charge in court on September 20

June 9, 2018

Man Who Left Dog In Hot Car Found Guilty Of Animal Cruelty

One SPCA representative said 'there is no excuse to leave an animal in a hot vehicle for any amount of time'

June 2, 2018

Animal Cruelty Charges Pressed After High School Teacher Allegedly Fed Puppy to Turtle

Some parents are framing the incident as an act of mercy

May 28, 2018

Animal Cruelty Charges Pressed After Dog Kicked And Stabbed To Death

Benji was reportedly 'taunted' or 'provoked' prior to his death

May 20, 2018

Vegan Leather Made From Coconut Water Launches To Reduce Animal Cruelty

The product diverts waste from the food industry

May 20, 2018

9 Horses Found Dead At Farm After Animal Cruelty Charges

One veterinarian said the animals were eating a fence in an attempt to stay alive

May 12, 2018

Ontario Mink Farm Faces 14 Counts Of Animal Cruelty

The investigation is one of many to have occurred in Canada

April 16, 2018

PetSmart Managers Charged With Animal Cruelty After Investigation Reveals 'Systematic Abuse'

Authorities raided a store confiscating documents and sick animals

April 12, 2018

Dairy Farm Workers Found Guilty Of Animal Cruelty After 'Torturing' Cows

The pair were caught abusing animals on camera

March 2, 2018

Monkey Researchers In Germany Facing Animal Cruelty Charges For Causing 'Significant Harm'

Monkeys were reportedly deprived of water until they were so thirsty they drank their own urine

February 26, 2018

Crime Stoppers Website Lists Woman Wanted For Animal Cruelty

The suspect has had more than 280 animals removed from her care

December 13, 2017

Campaigners Take Action After Students Make And Share Animal Cruelty Videos

‍Many professionals believe animal abuse can lead to further violence

October 4, 2017

SLAMMED: Meat Lovers BLAST Journalist For 'Controversial' Animal Cruelty Views

A farming publication claimed the idea that farming is cruel is 'controversial'

April 11, 2017

Cruelty On Display: Students Document Animal Cruelty At Colorado State University's Rodeo

Students say video shows animal abuse at university-sanctioned event