Want To See A Vegan Cookery Show On TV? Chef Launches Crowdfunding Campaign

Plant-based foodie Day Radley wants to take good food mainstream

An all-women team of food and television professionals has launched a crowdfunding campaign.

Their aim? To 'produce a kickass pilot that will showcase vegan food at its very best'.

The chef at the heart of the project - Day Radley - spoke to PBN about why she wants to see the campaign succeed.


"We are well overdue a vegan cooking show," she said.

"Veganism has grown incredibly fast in the last few years. Veganism is no longer seen as tied to a certain lifestyle, vegans come from all backgrounds. 

"It is purely an expression of compassion that anyone can bring into their lives. We need to show this in mainstream media. We want to reach those people who don’t use social media to find recipes."

The chef has a passion for healthy, delicious plant-based food


The funder hasn't yet officially launched - but the project is quickly garnering support, with more than 20 per cent of the £4,000 target already reached.

There are some excellent incentives for those who get involved - from a free e-book to a personal chef service up for grabs.

Radley says: "So many people and organisations are supporting us. Many of the vegan organisations are helping us such as The Vegan Society, Veganuary and Viva! I have received many personal messages of encouragement. 

"We are off to a flying start and this is just the first step in a bigger project to bring vegan food to the mainstream."


Radley is inspired by a number of foodie figures, including Rusty Lee ( 'I went to see her do a cooking demo at a festival when I was 6 years old. I loved her enthusiasm, she literally sparkled from the stage') and food giant Jamie Oliver.

"He's a big inspiration," she says. "He has tackled the big problems we have with food in the UK and come under fierce opposition. 

"His recipes are very accessible, often very quick and easy to make, which is something I replicate in my recipes." 

Learning curve

Radley has undertaken cookery filming before - working with Health Food giant Holland and Barrett to produce recipe videos - as well as creating her own footage.

But she still believes the project will be a huge learning curve.

She says: "Filming is always a crazy, intense few days but so very rewarding. This is the first filming project where I am one of the creators so I do have much more creative input. 

"My co-creators for this project are both very talented women, one is a vegan chef and the other works in TV and film. Their professionalism and drive in this project is so inspiring. 

"Finding a team of committed vegans has definitely been key to making this project a success."

You can find out more - or support the project - here.


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