Is Former Beatle Paul McCartney Vegan? Speculation Follows Vegan Only Menu At Gig

The rocker has been a vegetarian advocate for many years
The rocker 'demanded' only vegan fare be served up at his concert (Photo: Jimmy Baikovicius)

Media and fans have been asking whether former Beatle Sir Paul McCartney is now vegan.

The musician - who famously said, 'if slaughterhouses had glass walls, everyone would be a vegetarian', hasn't eaten meat for many years.

His first wife - the late Linda McCartney was also a vegetarian advocate, and set up her own range of veggie foods.

Next step?

But now many are questioning whether the superstar has taken the next step and moved to an entirely plant-based diet.

The speculation is based on a tweet from a woman whose parents attended one of the rocker's concerts in Illinois.

According to the Twitter user - who calls herself plantifulemily - her parents sent her a photo of the menu at the concert, which only featured vegan dishes including buffalo cauliflower and plant-based chilli fries.

She tweeted: "My parents are at the Paul McCartney concert and he demanded that there only be vegan food, king!"

The menu from the concert (Photo: Twitter)


According to the music press, McCartney has made similar demands in the past - telling organizers in Canada in 2013 that he wouldn't perform unless they could promise no meat would be consumed backstage.

He allegedly made a similar request in 2002 - requesting no furniture in his dressing room was to be 'made of animals'.


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