One Farmer Explains Why She's Turning Her Goat Cheese Farm Into A Vegan Sanctuary

The 'inherently cruel' practices of dairy farming changed the course of one woman's life forever
The farmer realized there is no such thing as 'humane dairy'

A former dairy farmer is turning her goat farm into an animal sanctuary.

Colorado-based Andrea Davis set up a goat cheese farm nine years ago with the goal of producing 'humane' produce.

She quickly realised however, that the process of creating dairy products for human consumption, is inherently cruel.

She is currently in the process of setting up her sanctuary and vegan education center - The Sanctuary School at Broken Shovels Farm.


Although Davis never sent goats to slaughter as 'by-products', she hated separating the babies from their mothers.

She learned that the animals exhibit separation anxiety - in the same way that humans do.

Davis told VegNews: "I came to terms with the fact that there was no right way to do a wrong thing.

"At some point I found vegan education, and though initially and stubbornly resistant to the idea, everything I was reading made undeniable sense."


Last year, Davis kicked off the process of starting the sanctuary.

She now houses 24 chickens and eight cats and dogs along with other farm animals rescued from slaughter.


Davis is currently raising funds for the sanctuary.

The money raised will be used to house and shelter the animals - as well as provide compassionate education to children who visit the center.

On a fundraising post on social media she wrote: "This is the most terrifying day of my life, believe me, as well as the happiest. I have 250 lives depending on me.” 

Davis posted a 'wish list' of items to the new sanctuary’s Facebook page. Those who wish to can donate towards these items which will benefit the animals.

You can find out more - or make a donation - here.


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