WATCH: Brand New PBN Interview With Dr. Michael Greger Who Takes On 'Big Pharma'

The leading plant-based physician isn't scared to take aim at the pharmaceutical industry

"The system is set up to incentivize the selling of junk. Is broccoli pure profit? No, it's perishable. Produce goes bad - if you want profit, it's the worst thing. You want something that's shelf stable. 

"You want the Twinkie that sits on the shelf for weeks, right? You can make money off that."

Dr. Michael Greger - one of the leading global plant-based doctors - has firmly put plant-based eating as an answer to many modern illnesses on the table.

The doctor - who isn't afraid to attack the issues he sees in the food industry, published his much-touted book, How Not To Die, last year. It has been a New York Times' bestseller for 20 months.

"That's extraordinary," he tells PBN in this striking interview. "I knew it would appeal to those who appreciate my work, but the fact it's had a really mainstream impact, is really exciting.

"And it shows that people are hungry for this information. People want to make evidence-based decisions about the health of themselves and their families."

You can watch the rest of the interview, where Dr. Greger talks about animal agriculture, Big Pharma, and how a plant-based diet is the best for health, above.


Dr Michael Greger: FULL INTERVIEW with Plant Based News

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