Vegan Grime Artist JME Hits Back At Critics Who 'Accuse' Him Of Engaging Young Voters

Many believe the youth vote hugely influenced the election result
Grime star JME tried to engage young people in the election (Photo: JME Twitter)

Estimates have put the youth vote at last week's General Election at a massive 72 per cent.

While the official stats are not known, some people have put this surge in young people going to the ballot box down to celebrity influence as well as Manifesto promises.

The vast majority of younger people (18-24) are thought to have voted for Labour - with the red party's pledge to axe tuition fees popular with this age bracket.

Vegan grime artist and founder of grime collective Boy Better Know [BBK] JME, is also thought to have wielded some influence, with his #Grime4Corbyn campaign.

The interview was widely shared on social media (Photo: Twitter)
The star urged his massive twitter following - of around 700,000 - to exercise their democratic right, as well as interviewing Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn for iD magazine.
But some Tories criticised Jeremy Corbyn, with Tory MP for North West Leicestershire, Andrew Brigden, saying you could 'judge a man by the company he keeps' after the Conservative-leaning Daily Mail accused JME of posting abusive Tweets, including antisemitic messages and a 2013 post which said: "F*** the Queen."

He hit out at critics denying the claims.

Grime star JME hit responded to critics

Following the shock election result which saw Labour taking more seats than predicted, and a hung parliament, JME was still receiving criticism for getting young people into the polling booths.

He took to Twitter to hit back at critics, arguing that he told young people to vote, but who to vote for.

JME defended his political involvement on Twitter (Source: JME Twitter)

He didn't stop there.

JME said he would have interviewed Tory Leader Theresa May given the choice (Source: JME Twitter)

And finally concluded:

The star was defiant in defending his actions (Source: JME Twitter)

JME is in Plant Based New's Top 100 Most Influential Vegans. Watch it here.

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