Vegan Chef Day Radley Launches Necklace

Part of the proceeds will go to support animal charities

London-based Chef Day Radley has launched a vegan necklace.

The talented foodie - who recently made an appearance on Sky News to talk about how popular plant-based food is becoming - has made every effort in creating the stylish and ethical piece.

Her UK-based jewellery company, Stand For Vegan, donates 10 per cent of every sale to an animal charity (the customer chooses which one from a list).

According to Radley: "Each jewellery pendant is lovingly finessed and handmade using sterling silver, there is no expense spared in the creation of this statement. 

"Stand For Vegan only purchases precious metal from reputable suppliers. 

The necklace is now available for pre-order
"We do not knowingly use metals for manufacture, which in their extraction have harmed the environment, damaged communities or infringed labour standards or human rights.

"We only source materials from companies who have a proven track record in this industry and whose systems can show traceability of all materials that meet the strict conditions of the London Bullion Market Association."

Radley, who is known by many for her popular 'cookalongs', adds that the pendant represents 'support, togetherness, unity and protection to animals in this world'. 

She says: "This simple statement ensures your support is known by donating 10 per cent of each sale to animal charities selected specifically for this Edition 1 necklace. Let's stand together, let's Stand for Vegan."


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