Vegan Actress Evanna Lynch Urges British MEPs To Back EU Ban On Rabbit Cages

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Compassionate celebrities are lending their support to Animal Equality’s campaign calling on MEPs to vote in favour of measures to improve the welfare of farmed rabbits on March 14th in the European Parliament. Around 340 million rabbits are currently confined in barren battery cages on European farms - conditions that would be illegal for hens. Despite being the second most numerous farmed animal in Europe, there is currently no species-specific legislation to protect rabbits.After viewing shocking scenes from rabbit farms in Europe which were released by Animal Equality earlier this week, Harry Potter star Evanna Lynch said: "Millions of rabbits are suffering and dying in battery cages on farms across the EU. Join Animal Equality in urging British MEPs to vote in in favour of measures to ban this cruel practice on March 14th.” - Evanna Lynch 

Animal Equality investigators have visited 75 rabbit farms in Spain and Italy - where more than 60% of Europe’s rabbit farms are located - and documented extreme suffering on every one, including: rabbits left with open and infected wounds; countless dead rabbits left to rot in cages with the living; and even cases of cannibalism due to the unnatural and stressful conditions.

Members of the European Parliament’s Committee on Agriculture have already voted in favour of this INI report on January 25th, which is an initiative by German MEP Stefan Eck (GUE/NGL), but next week it faces the vote of all 751 MEPs. Among other regulations, the report recommends eliminating cages so rabbits can be on the ground, thus being able to develop their natural social behaviours.

Downton Abbey star Peter Egan has also lent his support, stating “Right now millions of rabbits are suffering and dying in barren battery cages on farms across the EU - in conditions that would be illegal for chickens or pigs. British MEPs now have the opportunity to end this extreme cruelty by voting in favour of measures to ban rabbit cages on March 14th. The animal-friendly voters of Britain are calling on them to be our voice.”





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