UK Vegan Collective Aims To Create Permanent Plant-Based Hub

Vegans are invited to get involved with this progressive, innovative project
The not-for-profit raises money by selling clothing (Photo: Twitter)

A UK-based vegan group has launched a campaign to raise enough funds to create a permanent physical hub for like-minded people.

The Heartcure Collective is a non-profit organization which aims to unite compassionate people and spread a message of conscious and sustainable living. The group wants to create a vegan social center in Sheffield.

'Dire need'

The organization's Jordan McCusker said: "The UK vegan community faces a dire problem. We desperately need permanent hubs, places to gather, centres within which to share ideas for lasting growth and be inspired. Facebook groups and festivals can only do so much. 

"So the idea is simple: we would like to open the UK’s first truly vegan social center complete with a stage, cafe, library, offices for animal rights groups, ethical and zero waste shops, venue space for hire and much more - the possibilities are vast.

"We believe it’ll be a first for the UK and an important base from which to promote a plant-based lifestyle, with weekly events, workshops, classes, talks and fundraisers." 


According to McCusker, the center itself will be open during the day for people to eat, work and browse.

He said: "This pioneering centre will be an incredible asset to the thriving vegan community and also a revolutionary space in which to connect and enlighten the local community to the choices they are making with their food and lifestyles.

"And through the success of this first centre, we’ll have established a model by which other similar vegan hubs can be founded across the country, all closely aligned within a network of shared community values."


The collective has already identified a number of possible warehouse locations in Sheffield - an area the group has chosen because of its growing vegan population and thriving student scene.

"We also have a dedicated vegan team with a lot of ideas, a viable non-profit model, and an ambitious fundraising target to cover the cost of refurbishment and rental fees all set out in a clear budget," says McCusker.

"But crucially we’ve only a short time to achieve our goals and meet our opening date of the end of August 2017."

Get involved

The team is crowdfunding in order to set up the space. In return, potential partners can benefit from some of the center's facilities - including office space, marketing opportunities and exposure to a new audience.

You can find out more here.

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