TRAVEL: Australia's First Wholefoods Plant-Based Cruise Due To Set Sail

The growing demand for vegan-friendly travel means more options are becoming available
Would you take to the seas on a cruise?

As more people turn to a plant-based diet, demand for access to vegan food increases across the board, in restaurants, supermarkets - and on holiday. An increasing number of operators are now offering vegan cruises.

Now Australia's first health and wellbeing whole food and plant-based cruise - The Whole Connection Cruise - is set to sail. 

Bookings are currently being taken for the cruise, which departs from Brisbane on November 3, and travels around the Pacific islands. 

Plant Based News spoke to organizer Australian business woman Paige Renshaw - who describes herself as being 'passionate about educating the masses on embracing a whole food plant-based lifestyle' - about what guests can expect during the holiday.


The seven day program includes demonstrations, professional presentations, lectures and personal consultations from a panel of 14 industry experts; cooking classes, whole-food information; daily yoga, pilates and meditation; exclusive entertainment, documentary nights and group activities. 

There will be up to nine health and wellbeing presentations a day. 

Renshaw reportedly created the idea after using holistic living approaches to manage Chronic Fatigue Syndrome [CFS]. 

She says: "We have industry leaders from around the world from various health and wellness industries. 

"These include Dr Klaper from the U.S, and award winning singer and yoga advocate Toni Childs, who will be hosting empowering yoga sessions and performing exclusively for our guests."


Speaking about the plant-based element of the cruise, Renshaw told PBN: "There will be a wide variety of foods available, they will cater to all dietary requirements, including plant-based. 

"I don't have access to the ship for my event exclusively, I am taking my event onto the ship that is already sailing the itinerary.

"About six of the speakers out of the 14 are plant-based. And as the host, I am plant-based myself!

"My vision was to create an event about plant-based education for the masses - hence bringing excellent plant-based thought leaders like Dr Klaper and his wife, Alese onboard as presenters.

"We will also be hosting documentary nights during the cruise, with plant-based education being the main focus of the films being screened."


Renshaw says the cruise has been designed to educate, inspire and empower people to achieve their best health.

She added: "It’s the perfect self care opportunity and a fantastic way to relax, unwind and learn how to reach optimal health, vitality and wellbeing, surrounded by like minded people."


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