Totally Plant-Based Recipe Boxes Now Available From PlantCurious

The UK-based business makes it easier for people to cook exciting vegan meals
Woj and Angela Gawor are Co-founders of PlantCurious

A husband and wife duo has launched the UK's first completely plant-based recipe box.

The boxes - which contain largely stock-free and veganic produce - come with tried and tested recipes and are delivered across the UK.

Business founders Woj and Angela Gawor say they want to 'make it easy for people to make delicious wholesome plant-based meals'.


Stock-free or veganic fruits and vegetables are grown using green manures, crop rotations, vegetable composts and mulches. Avoiding all artificial chemicals and sprays, livestock manures and animal remains from slaughter houses which are commonly used on non-organic and even organic produce.

These items have all been carefully and consciously sourced.

According to Co-founder Woj Gawor: “Our focus is simple -  to help people to discover new flavours, and experiment with new ways of cooking through eating more plants, and at the same time educate our customers on the variety, sustainability, ecology and beauty of a plant-based diet.”

'Fed up'

The husband and wife team were frustrated by the options on the market.

PlantCurious Co-Founder Angela Gawor says: “We kept trying recipe boxes and none of them got the the concept of plant-based. We became fed up of receiving recipe cards telling us to just leave out ingredients.

“One supplier even sent us cheese and yogurt wrapped in sheep’s skin. Plant-based food isn’t about leaving stuff out it’s about embracing all the amazing vegetables out there and making them the centrepiece not the side dish.” 

These new boxes have been specifically built around creating plant-based meals that are appropriate for all ages.

Woj Gawor says: “Cooking and eating together as a family has been lost, yet it is one of the single strongest forces in keeping a family happy, healthy and together. Our hope is that we can play a part in helping other families find health and wellness through plant-based cooking”.

You can find out more about PlantCurious here


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