Top Tips For Health And Fitness - The Vegan Way

You don't need animal foods to achieve top level fitness
You can easily fuel your workout with plants

Whether you're plant-curious, flexitarian, vegetarian or 100 percent vegan, fuelling your fitness regime with the correct nutrition is the single most effective way to boost both your performance and overall health.

Nutrients are often divided into two groups: macros and micros. Both play an important role in your muscle building process, endurance potential, and recovery time. 

Macro and micro

Macro nutrients are the three main components of the human diet needed in the largest amounts: fat, carbohydrate, and protein. Micronutrients are those needed in minute quantities but are equally as important - these include all your essential vitamins and minerals. 

So, what should we be looking out for in vegan diet - and which are we most at risk of falling short of?

Let’s start with the biggest contender in the sports nutrition world: protein.

Protein: quality over quantity 

Contrary to popular belief, you do NOT need animal protein to make great gains in the fitness world, nor do you need excessive amounts of it. 

As rule of thumb: RI* for those not training: 0.8g/kgBW evenly spaced throughout the day. 

For those carrying out a training regime: 1.2-1.7g/kgBW evenly spaced throughout the day - this could include one 20g serving (protein shake) after training.

Simple enough, right? 

You can be healthy, fit, and strong without animal-based products

Protein supplements

When it comes to sports nutrition, protein supplements are the best way to consume the highest quality (complete) on-the-go aminos without loading up on extra calories. 

But with the market being so saturated, which do you choose? One option is Perform by Vivo Life. 

Because it combines four different types of plant-based protein, plus BCAA, Perform contains a complete amino acid profile in one scoop, it also contains digestive enzymes, turmeric and pink Himalayan salt to speed up absorption, prevent joint inflammation, and replenish electrolyte stores following exercise.

You can find out more here


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