Top 7 Avocado Dishes All Vegans Need To Try

This is one for all avo-addicts out there
This colorful cashew beet spread & avocado toast dish is sure to impress (Photo: Anna Pelzer)

Avocado doesn't have to be boring. There is more to the vegan-favorite food than the usual guacamole or avocado toast.

If you're in need of some avo inspiration, there's an Instagram account that offers just that.

Vegan food photographer Anna Pelzer, who is based in North Vancouver, British Columbia, has 'a passion for creating colorful vegan dishes', using 'food to communicate a more compassionate and healthy lifestyle'.

Pelzer focuses on avocados as the star of the show, creating dishes that are both mouthwatering and mesmerizing.

Here are our top 10 best avocado dishes from her feed that you really need to try out...

1. Cashew Beet Spread & Avo Toast

The possibilities with avocado are truly endless.

This variation uses a cashew beet and balsamic spread - topped with avocado curls cut with a mandoline.

2. Avocado Tartare

This tartare can be served on crackers - or your bread of choice (Photo: Anna Pelzer)

This avocado tartare combines capers, red onion, lemon juice, dijon, tamari, and hot sauce for a creative avo dish.

Pelzer featured this recipe in her First Mess Cookbook, a plant-based recipe book that includes dishes for all seasons.

3. Bean Salad Avocado Toast

Get creative with your toast (Photo: Anna Pelzer)

A delicious variation to the classic avo toast, Pelzer topped the slathered piece of bread with a bean salad.

Chickpeas, kidney beans, as well as shredded red cabbage, and carrots can be added on top.

4. Avocado Boats


Pelzer is also known for her highly addictive stop-motion recipe videos - like this one showcasing her renowned avocado boats.

The 'avocado dance' shows beetroot hummus being added to the pitted avo, followed by yellow cherry tomatoes, and pea shoots.

5. Quinoa Salad with Avocado Rose

The food photographer has her way with avocados (Photo: Anna Pelzer)

This quinoa, black bean, and mango salad uses the avocado 'rose' as the main event.

6. Sweet Potato Soup with Avocado

Avocado in soup? Yes, please (Photo: Anna Pelzer)

Pelzer made this Thai sweet potato soup - but added an avo twist.

She topped the soup with fresh tomatoes, avocado curls, and cilantro.

7. Avo Nest

Avocado nests, anyone? (Photo: Anna Pelzer)

Take your avocado to the next level by making a nest from its slices - and load it with a kale salad that includes shredded cabbage, carrots, watermelon radish, cherry tomatoes, and hemp seeds.

For the dressing, the chef used flax oil, apple cider vinegar, dijon, maple syrup, and sea salt.

You can browse Anna Pelzer's Instagram feed here


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