Top 5 Vegan Crisps - Including Meat, Cheese, And Seafood Flavors

We have been blessed with delicious animal-free snacks by the crisp gods themselves
A bowl of crisps
Going vegan doesn't mean ditching crisps (Photo: Emiliano Vittoriosi)

I don't know about you, but in my time vegan, I've become quite reliant on crisps. More times than I can count, have I found myself hungry and on the hunt for food, having to settle for the fact that crisps will be my only savior.

You may be under the impression that your vegan diet has to mean you'll have to choose from the less exciting crisp flavors – but the crisp gods have blessed us all with many incredible options that will have your friends exclaiming that they can't believe that they're actually vegan!

Here are our top 5 vegan meat, cheese, and seafood crisp flavors.‍

1. Bacon & Tomato - Fairfields Farm Crisps

What's every meat eater's favorite vegan insult? "Bacon lol."

Well, laugh all you like meat eaters, but even us vegans can enjoy bacon-flavored crisps now!

Fairfields Farm has just released these moreish Bacon & Tomato crisps, ready to quell any of those smoky cravings you may still be harboring. Perfectly paired with a hint of tomato – these are your soon-to-be-new-favorite snack.

It all starts with the humble spud (Photo: Hai Nguyen)

2. Prawn Cocktail – Walkers Crisps

If you’re a prawn cocktail fanatic then being vegan won't be an issue, because this classic Walkers flavor contains no animal products!

Hoorah for 'accidentally vegan' products!

And what’s even better? You can find them just about everywhere – so whenever you find yourself needing a tasty snack – these Prawn Cocktail crisps won’t be far away.

3. Hoisin Duck – Asda

They sound too good to be true, but they're really not!

These hoisin duck-inspired crisps deliver an umami deliciousness that will have you licking your lips for a long time after scoffing the last crumbs from the bag.

Act quickly though, they are limited edition, and you won't want to miss giving them a taste.

An open bag of crinkle-cut crisps
Did your favorite vegan crisps make the list?

4. The Story of When The Cheese Met The Onion - Ten Acre

These ones may be a tad harder to find, but the hunt will be so worth it.

I had been longing for the opportunity to gorge on a packet of cheese and onion crisps since going vegan, and Ten Acre's plant-based version doesn't disappoint.

Try finding in your local Holland & Barrett, nearest independent health food shop, or failing that, stock up online. ‍

5. Bacon Rashers – Co-op

If the Fairfields Farm Bacon & Tomato crisps didn't satisfy your need for bacon-inspired snacks, then give these Co-op rashers a go too.

There is a similar brand on the market called Frazzles - be aware that these contain milk. But the Co-op version is labeled as vegan.

Plus, they are unbelievably flavorsome (and will disappear very quickly as a result).

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