Summer Vegan Pledge Supported By Celebrities Lucy Watson And Matthew Pritchard Among Others

The well-known faces are encouraging people to try ditching animal products
Watson is an outspoken advocate for animals (Photo: Instagram/Lucy Watson)

A clutch of celebrities and athletes have joined forces to encourage people to try veganism for a month this June.

High-profile figures including former Made In Chelsea star Lucy Watson, former star of MTV's Dirty Sanchez Matthew Pritchard, stand-up comedian Carl Donnelly, and cricket legend Jason Gillespie have backed Animal Aid's Summer Vegan Pledge.

The pledge - a month-long vegan initiative which encourages non-vegans to try a plant-based diet for the month - will see the group provide all the help and advice participants need.


Lucy Watson says she went from veggie to vegan after finding out how cruel the dairy and egg industries were, saying that this cruelty is deliebertaely kept a secret from the public.

She adds: "As an animal-lover I would never want to support any industries that involve animal cruelty.

"A plant-based diet can be both exciting and delicious, plus there are added health and environmental benefits that just happen to be another bonus when making the change. There really is no downside."

Pritchard is just one of the celebs promoting the vegan challenge (Photo: Facebook/Matthew Pritchard)

Love of animals

Matthew Pritchard adds that he went vegan because of his 'huge love' for animals, as well as for health reasons, and to sustain his body to perform in indurance sports.

"Since going vegan I've seen huge benefits and feel great," he said. "Plus I can sleep at night knowing I'm doing my bit for the planet and the ones without a voice."

Former international cricketer, and current Head Coach at Sussex County Cricket Club, Jason Gillespie also finds that a plant-based diet is good for health and ethics, saying: "Going vegan is one of the best decisions I have ever made and I only wish I had done it sooner! I want to live in a kind and non-violent world, being vegan is a big step towards that."


YouTube personality Luke Cutforth (otherwise known as LukeIsNotSexy) says he ditched animal products after coming to some stark realizations.

He says: "I realized that our treatment of animals is immoral, our relationship with meat and dairy is unnatural, and their impact on the environment is unjustifiable. These three combined made it clear that the only logical path is veganism."

Comedian Carl Donnelly says you can work towards solving these issues, saying: "If you're someone who has an interest in caring for the world and those that inhabit it, why not take the Pledge and try veganism? It'll help the planet and also make you feel better at the same time."

'Perfect opportunity'

Animal Aid's Vegan Outreach Campaign Manager, Tod Bradbury, describes the Summer Vegan Pledge as the 'perfect opportunity' for those who care about animals, the environment and their health to try a plant-based diet for a month.

He says: "It has never been easier to go vegan, with new vegan options coming to supermarket shelves, coffee shops, independent shops, health food shops and restaurants seemingly on a daily basis.

‘By taking the Summer Vegan Pledge you will be helping animals and the planet, and also making positive changes for your health, so why not give it a go?'

You can sign up to take the pledge for for free here

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