Ricky Gervais Called Vegan After Animal Rights Joke In New Stand-Up Show 'Humanity'

The star often speaks out about animal cruelty issues
The star's new show Humanity is now available on Netflix

Social media users have speculated that comedian Ricky Gervais vegan.

Redditors made the claim after watching Gervais' new stand-up show Humanity on Netflix, in which the comedian talks about animal rights.

One person said: "Me and my wife decided to put on the new Ricky Gervais special last night.

"At the end of it, he does a stand-up about animal rights. It was fantastic to see that in a national spotlight and on something such as Netflix.

"I knew he was a vegetarian but from the looks of it he is now vegan. Go check it out."


Other users ploughed in to discuss the issue, with one saying: "Yep I’m not sure when it actually happened but he appears to have gone full vegan. Very cool. He does a lot for animal rights groups."

Another added: "We watched it last night and were very happy to see that bit too!"

But others weren't sure, with one person writing: "I watched it yesterday, he mentions a few times that he doesn't eat meat, and tries to save dogs in China, but that's about all he says about it, so maybe people are just assuming, or hopeful."

Animal cruelty

The section people are referring to is when Gervais talks about the Yulin Dog Meat Festival in China - where thousands of dogs are eaten every year.

He starts by saying: "I'm really into anti-animal cruelty...I've been involved in many campaigns where people have signed petitions and the law has been changed.

"So thank-you to anyone who has ever retweeted anything to do with animal cruelty because it really makes a difference.

"Even some things as clear and distinct as animal cruelty...people will argue with that."


Ricky Gervais eats vegan hot wings from London eatery Temple of Seitan


When he talks about sharing information or petitions around Yulin, he says: "There is a kneejerk reaction. [People call me a racist].

"They say we eat pigs and cows in the West, and yes we do.

"I don't - I used to, and yes, pigs and cows are worth as much as a dog.

"It's not about the species - it's what they do to these poor dogs."

Vegan chicken wings

This is not the first time vegan rumors have swirled around Gervais.

At the beginning of 2017, the comedian was interviewed by Sean Evans for Hot Ones - a format which sees stars eat increasingly spicy chicken wings until they can't handle the heat anymore.

In the episode, host Evans says: "We're going further for Gervais - we're going vegan. I'm going vegan too."

Gervais says: "Thank you. Good."


During the episode, the pair also talk about cheese, with Evans asking Gervais about his opinions on the food 'from your cheese days'.

Talking about Cheddar, Gervais says: "When I used to have cheese and beans on toast, it was always a mature Cheddar."

The comment led to one writer saying the comedian has ditched dairy.

Evans says: "I know you're a long time advocate, PETA's Person of the Year, and it's no mistake we're eating vegan wings today."

He quizzes Gervais on animal facts, who says: "I've always been fascinated with animals growing up, and I've never lost the passion for how amazing reality is."

PBN has contacted Ricky Gervais for comment.

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