Politicians in Denmark Are Going Vegan to Save the Planet

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.” Politicians in Denmark are following that beloved quote by going vegan out of their concern for the environment. Here’s why.

It’s undeniable that animal agriculture is taking a huge toll on the environment. TIME reported on the devastating environmental effects of meat production nearly four years ago, but it continued to be ignored by many.

Although this leading cause of climate change was swept under the rug for too long, the world’s leaders are starting to acknowledge this fact that the planet can’t afford us to ignore any longer. Barack Obama recently remarked on the need for people to cut back on their meat consumption, and some politicians in Denmark are taking things many steps further.

A dedicated group of Danish members of parliament have committed to following a 22-day vegan challenge. If that sounds familiar, that is a similar challenge to the one that Beyoncé famously completed. It’s long been thought that it takes 21 days to form a new habit, so it makes sense that there would need to be at least 22 days set aside to get used to new eating habits.

Politicians from the Red-Green Alliance party and the Alternative party are joining together to say good-bye to animal products for just over three weeks to bring attention to the devastating damage that intensive animal farming is doing to the world.

According to Metro, Uffe Elbæk, the leader of the Alternative party, stated, ‘No doubt that this will be a huge challenge, but I expect it to be quite a lot of fun as well, and it’ll definitely be to the benefit of the environment. Western food production has an enormous climate footprint. Political action is needed, and I find it important that we, as politicians, take the first steps and begin to ‘walk the talk’.”
Maria Gjerding, the environmental secretary of the Red-Green Alliance party said, “We need to take action on both a personal and political level in order to address the serious issues of climate change. Going vegan for 22 days is not going the save the world in itself, but it’s a great opportunity to put focus on Western consumption of animal products and the environmental and animal welfare problems it causes.”

VeganerUdfordringen is the Denmark-based campaign that encourages people to go vegan for at least 22 days.

If you want to follow the lead of these courageous politicians, there has never been an easier time to go vegan. You can find substitutions for any favorite traditional dish. Also, you can get free vegan starter kits.

The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine has a free vegetarian starter kit. (It’s vegan.)

PETA offers a free vegan starter kit.

Mercy for Animals also has a free starter kit.

Friends of Animals has a vegan starter guide.

Action for Animals has a vegan starter pack.

Vegan Outreach has its own free guide to cruelty-free eating.

Many other publications and organizations offer help with going vegan, too. All the help and support you may need to make the vegan transition is available online.

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