Meet The Pig Who Was Saved On His Way To The Slaughterhouse

A chance meeting changed two lives forever
Percy loves his new home and family (Photo: Sarah Savage)

A chance meeting on a country lane earlier this year changed the destiny of a woman - and a pig - forever.

Clare Corney, a Personal Trainer from East Sussex, was driving to work when she spotted a huge pig trying to climb out of the back of a truck in front of her. 

Noticing the animal's distress, Corney flashed her lights in order to alert the driver of the truck. 

He stopped, got out, and they both secured the pig back to safety. 

Percy and Clare Corney have changed each other's lives (Photo: Sarah Savage)

'Fattening up'

The driver explained that after a year of 'fattening' up in a local farm, it was curtains for this particular pig. They were on their way to the local slaughterhouse - just minutes away from that very spot.

According to the driver, the pig was booked in for the 'full works' - after slaughter, his flesh would become nothing more than pork products for people to eat.

Suffice to say, Corney couldn't bear to see the pig meet his end. Percy - as he is now called - met his guardian angel just in the nick of time. 

New family

The one-year-pig took little time settling in with his new family - Clare, David, Charlotte, Poppy, and Elizabeth Corney.

Inquisitive, but placid in nature, Percy loves sleeping in the warm sun or snuggling down in his cosy pigsty. 

He enjoys affection and tummy rubs and delights in hanging out with Bubba, Lilly, and Frank - his woolly sheep mates with whom he shares his huge and luxurious paddock.

Percy with his sheep friends (Photo: Sarah Savage)


Observing the distinct similarities between Percy and her dogs, Clare Corney made the decision to start eating a plant-based diet. 

She said: "I have always been a huge animal lover, but rescuing Percy, who was moments from death, has given me a tremendous wake up call.

"I now have a desire to live in total alignment with my true values and principles as a non-violent human being." 

Loving dogs and eating pigs

The exploitation and slaughter of the animals bred for human consumption would be illegal if applied to our beloved dogs, cats or horses. 

Changing our perception of animals themselves and recognizing them as precious, autonomous beings, each with their own unique character and qualities is perhaps the biggest challenge the vegan and animal rights movement faces. 

After all, according to psychologist Dr. Melanie Joy, we are heavily socially conditioned to love some animals but eat others.

Compassion is more important than our tastebuds (Photo: Sarah Savage)


The famous Mahatma Gandhi once said: "Be the change you wish to see."

While we’re not all in a position to rescue a pig from slaughter, we can endeavour to rid ourselves of the cognitive dissonance we so effortlessly ease into when we let our tastebuds dictate the limits of our compassion.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this article are prepared in the author's capacity and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of Plant Based News itself. 

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