New Vegan Documentary Starring Inspiring Change Makers To Launch On PBN YouTube Channel

The film highlights the powerful impact of veganism

The trailer is available to watch now

A new vegan documentary will be available to watch online - including on Plant Based News' YouTube channel and Facebook page - from November 11.

The film, Let Us Be Heroes, explores the impact of our lifestyle choices on our health, the planet and our values and the steps to empower ourselves.

It stars Captain Peter Hammarstedt, Director of Campaign (Sea Shepherd),  Emilie Tan (ultra endurance runner,) David Yeung (Green Monday, and Rebecca Cappelli (public speaker) among others.

Vegan message

Let Us Be Heroes was made by Rebecca Cappelli, who based the content on talks she has given in schools and workplaces over the past year and a half.

"One of my biggest surprises was to receive consistent positive feedback across all audiences, and that gave me the confidence to take it further," she told PBN.

"Making a film is a powerful way today to share a message, and generally speaking, I think our movement needs more inspiration."

Positive vegan angle

Speaking about the positive angle the film takes, in terms of showing the many benefits of a vegan diet, Cappelli describes herself as someone who focuses on the good.

"I bring my attention to everyone working hard to make a difference, to the planet and the lives left to save, and to alleviating suffering," she said.

"I believe there is a way of communicating with people without compromising the truth, in a way that inspires rather than divide or accuse. This message comes from a place of love, authenticity, and inclusion. We are all in this together."

Let Us Be Heroes
The film looks at the benefits of veganism (Photo: Let Us Be Heroes)

Action against injustice

She added: "We are not consumers, we are investors, and it's really up to us to invest in the world we want to live in. The beauty of taking action against injustice of any kind is that anyone can do that, every time we eat or buy something.

"The world is changed by everyday people who commit to a greater good in their job and their passion.

"A hero is just someone who believes in taking bold steps in the face of urgency, who decides to rise against all odds. We need more heroes than ever."

A vegan film for all

Cappelli says the film would be an excellent watch for 'anyone feeling overwhelmed against the odds we are facing, and for anyone looking to be inspired, to make a difference'.

"I hope vegans will sit with their friends and family and watch together so that they can be understood," she added.


"Plant Based News is proud to host another powerful vegan documentary online, to help spread the message far and wide," said PBN Co-founder Robbie Lockie.

"Let Us Be Heroes is an inspiring and important film - and we're proud and excited to see our friends and fellow activists featured in it.

"Rebecca is a remarkable woman with a strong and powerful conviction to help build a vegan world, and it's important we all work together to help bring about change."

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