Major Vegan Event Coming Up At Beijing's China National Convention Center

More than 35,000 visitors are expected to attend
The event will take place at the China National Convention Centre (Photo: Facebook)

The 2017 ChinaFit Natural Organic and Healthy Nutrition Conference is a major vegan-themed event.

It will take place over two days - June 27-28 - at the China National Convention Center in Beijing. The conference is part of the ChinaFit Fitness Convention and Tradeshow, which is the largest annual event of the Chinese commercial fitness industry.

Large scale

The event will occupy five floors covering 40,000 square meters exhibition area. It will attract an estimated 35,000 visitors. 

One entire floor will be dedicated to the vegan themed conference. Exhibitions will include:

  • 1 Charity Dinner Party and Award Ceremony
  • 2 Themed classrooms
  • 6 Themed topics
  • 10 Interactive activities
  • 30+ Experts in the health and nutrition field
  • 50+ Participating agencies
  • 100+ Volunteers
  • 500 sqm food court
  • 1,500 sqm healthy organic product showroom
  • 2,000 Fitness professionals
  • 6,000+ Healthy nutritious vegan lunch
  • 20,000+ staff from fitness industry nationwide

There will be 6,000 vegan lunch provided to VIP guests and paid workshop participants for free during the conference by 20 exhibiting vegan restaurants.


Organizers say this is a 'golden opportunity for TACN and ThinkCloud to share the latest development of global vegan movement, news, latest campaigns, vegan brands and products, artists, documentaries and success stories of vegan organisations from around the world with the audience'.

Apart from giving a keynote speech on the main stage on each day of the conference, TACN and ThinkCloud will also have two exhibition stalls and a dedicated area to carry out interactive activities with visitors, these would include:

  • Animal rights art exhibition
  • Family bonding over DIY workshops
  • Screening of documentaries
  • Educational workshops
  • iAnimal VR experience
  • Interactive games
  • Prize raffles
  • Vegan products, and
  • Possibly cooking demo.


Date & Time: June 27-28. 09:00-18:00

Venue: China National Convention Center - No. 7 Tianchandonglu, Chaoyang, Beijing


Tickets: FREE entry - register on arrival, or via WeChat official account


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PBN Contributor:

Grace Han is a Senior UX Designer, she is also the co-founder and Managing Director of UK charity Towards a Compassionate Nation (TACN.ORG). She has been helping Animal Equality, Veganuary, Viva!, Mercy for Animals and many other non-profit organisations promote their campaigns in China. Throughout the years Grace has built a wide network of contacts in Beijing, including local NGOs, vegan businesses, vegan individuals and skilled volunteers, along with the team at TACN they have organised many vegan outreach and educational social events in Beijing. You can follow her @TACN_Grace on Twitter

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