James Cameron's New Film The Game Changers Charts The Rise Of Veganism

Do you need to eat meat to be big and strong? Of course not. James Cameron’s documentary showcases top athletes and others to show how you can thrive and live life to the absolute fullest as a vegan
James Cameron is on a mission to promote the vegan message (Photo: Gage Skidmore)

Veteran director James Cameron’s Titanic broke many cinematic records and still resonates with film fans around the world. His latest film, a vegan documentary, is also sure to make a big impact. 

So, what’s the story behind it?  

Mr. Cameron has been setting an example of activism in action for several years. In 2015, he told Men’s Journal that he had been vegan for four years. He remarked on how he was motivated to go vegan because of his concern for the planet, yet marveled at the health benefits it offered as well. 

Now, in a new film called The Game Changers, Cameron will be revealing the story of others who are empowered by their plant-based lifestyles.

James Cameron will team up with The Cove’s Louis Psihoyos and mixed martial artist champion James 'Lightning' Wilks for the film. 

Cameron will executive produce. Wilks will produce, and Psihoyos will serve as the film’s director. 

The Game Changers will shine the spotlight on an array of soldiers, plant-based athletes, leaders, and celebrities who follow a plant-based diet.
James Wilks proves you can be vegan and strong

Wilks has long been an outspoken vegan, and he explained why he made the transition in this YouTube video

Louis Psihoyos has been known to create films that capture gorgeous imagery of nature and tell strong, timely stories about the environment. 

He told Boulder Magazine: “I tell the crew that we’re not making movies, we’re starting movements, and movements don’t end until the issue ends.”

The movement behind The Game Changers seems to be the in-progress vegan movement. James Cameron promised that it 'will dismantle the protein myth systematically'. 

With animal agriculture being a major cause of environmental destruction that still goes unaddressed, there’s a strong need for increased awareness among environmental activists and others.

“The world’s strongest guy is a vegan. The world’s fastest guy, Carl Lewis, was the first to break 10 seconds, and he did it when he was a vegan. We’re trying to dispel the myth that you need protein from animals to become a real man,” observed Psihoyos.

The Game Changers seems primed to do just that. It is scheduled to be released later in 2017.

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