Interview With Vegan Activist James Aspey | PBN Spotlight #1

International speaker James Aspey is in the limelight for 17 minutes as he discusses his activism and the save movement

Introducing the very first in a series of interviews with thought leaders, innovators and game changers. PBN Spotlight is an in depth look in to the world of some of the most amazing influencers today.

Thanks to Calin Wynne for conducting this interviewing James Aspey outside the slaughterhouse and editing the footage:

Thanks to Save Movement Scotland for organising.

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Calin grew up in the Scottish Highlands to lifestyle heavily involved with hunting and fishing. Soon realising that it was a big mistake, he turned the table and now volunteers with animal rights activists groups across the UK to help raise awareness over just how detrimental consuming animal products really is. He is currently graduating from Edinburgh Napier University with a degree in Digital Media and seeks to collaborate with news publishers and production companies.

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