Influential Car Reviewer Presents Leather-Free Challenge for Car CEOs


An influential car review channel recently presented a challenge for car CEOs to move away from the prevalent use of animal skin in high-end vehicles. Thomas Majchrzak released a video on Autogefühl where he asked car CEOs to switch from leather interiors to the many cruelty-free, more sustainable alternatives.

Thomas Majchrzak is the talented journalist behind Autogefühl, a popular review site with over three million views per month. The channel is all about helping people get more out of driving and experiencing cars. It has a focus on beautiful, fast cars. Car enthusiasts rely on its honest reviews and high quality journalism to help them stay in the know and choose the right cars. That makes this challenge directed toward car CEOs all that more powerful.

In his video, which has already received more than 23,000 views in only a couple of weeks, Thomas throws down his challenge in no uncertain terms. He states that he expects car CEOs to change the use of animal skin in cars. He speaks to the fact that his review channel is a global community that does in-depth car reviews each year, and he knows what people want. Fortunately, that is no longer leather interiors.

He spoke of common misconceptions about leather in cars, saying, “The use of animal skin in cars should belong to the past. Using leather in cars is perceived as pure luxury, but is it really? It’s also been said that it’s just the waste product of the meat industry. That is factually wrong. You could say an animal is good for the neck first, then the other parts don’t count. That doesn’t make any sense. So, when you buy leather, you directly support the factory farming industry. You give them your money, and you are supporting that. They are tortured and killed.”

Thomas also recently talked to Plant Based News about his challenge, stating, “The message I have for the car CEOs is actually that you should start thinking about whether it’s necessary to put animal skin on the seat. There are so many different options we have nowadays.”

He went on to explain, “I really want more of the sustainable technologies for car seats. There is so much available – like fabric and leatherette – and I really want the CEOs to think about how much cruelty is involved with animal skin production. You cannot do it without harm, and we really need to change that.”

Thomas also denies that he is “some crazy environmentalist”, stating that it’s just “the thought of logic, heart, and empathy.” He implores people to look at how animal skin is produced, explaining how it always involves the suffering of animals, people, and for the planet.

He also calls out the hypocrisy of some sustainability moves among car companies. “So, if you think about sustainability, an electric car with leather seats doesn’t make sense. That would be like ordering alcohol-free beer and a liquor. That’s how you could compare it.”

Thomas lamented that car CEOS, when inviting media to events, always show the highest spec with the animal skin interior. That’s not ideal for many reasons, including the fact that it’s expensive for the customer, and he states that automobile journalists would rather use and test sustainable options.

Some car companies are already making strides with non-leather options. Car companies like Tesla and Mercedes-Benz offer leatherette and other options that don’t use animal skin. However, he also states that the car companies that do offer non-leather options don’t market the fact that they do. He thinks that’s a mistake because he hears from car buyers all the time who don’t want animal skin in their cars.

“If your brand already has something like this, come forward with this and say that you have something sustainable. Every day people are messaging me that they don’t want leather seats any more. So please stop combining a high trim together with animal skin equipment,” he challenged car CEOs.

He doesn’t feel that he is extreme for what he asks, claiming that it is just about empathy although people often misunderstand it. He said he’d rather sit back, relax, and enjoy life. It would be easier to him, but when he sees such cruelty involved with animal products, he thinks that the efforts that he does is nothing in comparison to the suffering the animals endure. So, he said that there are more important things and if he can have a little contribution to make things better and save a couple of lives, then it is all worth it.

Ultimately, Thomas concluded that switching to non-leather car interiors will be a win-win situation for all. It will result in less suffering of animals, people, and the overall planet.

Thomas encourages others to help spread the word so that more car CEOs can see the challenge video. You can watch the Plant Based News interview with Thomas and his original video to hear more of what this courageous and passionate journalist has to say. With so many alternatives to the cruelly obtained animal skin interiors that cause harm to the environment, why not make the switch to non-leather car interiors?

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