HORROR: Documentary 'Land Of Hope And Glory' Reveals Gory Truth Behind British Industrial Farming

The film features never seen before undercover footage
The film shows disturbing undercover footage (Photo: Land of Hope and Glory)

A brand new documentary - featuring exclusive undercover footage - is threatening to blow the lid of Britain's industrial animal farming industry.

The film, called Land of Hope and Glory, exposes the terrible conditions on a number of UK farms.

It was made by vegan activists Earthling Ed and Luna Woods, who spoke to PBN about their motivation in making the film - and their hopes for the project.

How hard was the film to make?

The film has been grueling and very hard to make, searching through hours and hours of graphic footage and spending days watching animals being abused, tortured and murdered was always going to be a difficult task and we certainly had times where it all became too much for us. 

That being said we felt that we had a moral obligation to tell the stories of these animals and not turn away from their suffering and any hardships we faced from making this film are nothing in comparison to the suffering animals go through every second of every day. 

As activists we have a responsibility to do what is right and not what is necessarily convenient or comfortable.

The footage shows animals suffering (Photo: Land of Hope and Glory)

Why did you decide to make it?

The main reason we decided to make Land of Hope and Glory was because we became tired of being told that the UK has the highest animal welfare standards in the world and that our treatment of animals is humane. 

Obviously, as vegans, we know that both these statements are wrong but we felt that making a film that showed footage all taken in recent years and all in the UK was vital to make sure these myths about UK animal farming were truly debunked, once and for all.

What do you expect the public reaction to be?

I think most of the public will be shocked by the footage and the systems that we have in place here in Britain. 

We were wary that people would accuse us of deliberately picking out the worst footage that we could find, which is why the majority of the footage we’ve used merely depicts the reality of UK farming across the board.

The narration aptly gives these image context by describing what is legal, so that the viewer understands that these aren’t ‘bad farms' or ‘evil farmers’, instead the footage is purely the state of UK farming in general. 

We truly believe that most people will be appalled by the film and will, as a result, decide to go vegan and make more ethical choices.

People often think welfare is high on UK farms - which is often not the case (Photo: Land of Hope and Glory)

Were you inspired by anyone/any other films?

Our biggest inspiration was the 2005 movie Earthlings directed by Shaun Monson. We found the simplicity of the filmmaking to be so effective and how it takes the viewer on a journey through every aspect of animal exploitation. 

We really admired how the footage was raw and completely uncensored, it was a sign of respect to the animals in the film and that their suffering wouldn’t go wasted and that anyone who eats animal products should be forced to watch the systems their purchases perpetuate. 

Everyone should bear witness to the pain these animals endure as a sign of respect and acknowledgement of their existence.

What have you learnt during the process? Any future film plans?

The process has been a huge learning experience, we’ve learnt so much more about how animals are treated and the procedures used within UK animal agriculture. 

I think as activists it’s important that we are knowledgable in farming regulations and are clearly aware of what goes in these industries. More broadly, it’s just reinforced to us why it’s so important that we do stand up and speak up on behalf of the animals.

We have another large-scale film project that we are currently planning that we will begin production on in 2018.

PBN will be streaming the film on August 1. You can find out more about the project here.


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