HEALTH: Famous Plant-Based Doctor Calls Paleo 'Diet Of Death'

The so-called 'caveman' diet is coming in for some criticism
After optimum health and 'gainz'? Paleo is not the answer

Paleo has been romanticized.

According to world-renowned plant-based physician Dr. Klaper: "It’s a great story based on an image that our caveman ancestors munched on mastodon meat all day."

However, there are two things wrong with this image: first it’s incorrect, and second it’s harmful to our bodies.

1. Paleo got it wrong

Scientific American published a piece saying: "If you want to return to your ancestral diet, the one our ancestors ate when most of the features of our guts were evolving, you might reasonably eat what our ancestors spent the most time eating during the largest periods of the evolution of our guts: fruits, nuts, and vegetables."

2. Paleo is dangerous

Yes, people following a Paleo diet do report feeling better at first and lose weight - but why, and at what cost?

Because Paleo is popular with athletes and people trying to achieve weight loss, Dr. Klaper sets the record straight at the Plant Fit Summit (join the summit here).

He says: "All meat comes from the slaughterhouse, and is covered with bacteria from the animals guts. 

"As these bacteria die and break apart, their cell wall forms a molecule called endotoxin... This makes your gut leaky, and sets you up for autoimmune diseases.

"Endotoxins are heat-stable, and frying the burger does not destroy the endotoxin. 

"And our paleo friends are eating endotoxin three times a day, they are packing their colon full of carcinogens, they're making their gut leaky, they're setting themselves up for an epidemic of colon cancer, clogged arteries, heart attacks, strokes, diabetes, inflammatory bowel disease, autoimmune diseases... it's a diet of death."

Better than Paleo

The reason Paleo ‘works’ on a superficial level is because it restrains people from eating oils, dairy, and refined carbohydrates. That’s a good thing, and in line with what plant-based experts recommend. 

However, Paleo is a package deal: yes, you’re leaving out some of the bad stuff like dairy, but you’re also consuming a lot more of the remaining bad stuff - like animal protein.

So saying Paleo is good is like saying 'I got an A in math, so my school report is great', even though you’re failing every other subject. We want As across the board, and that’s where a plant-based diet comes in.

Optimizing your plant-based diet

For example, did you know that a state of Ketosis can have powerful health benefits in the short-term, but can harm you in the long-run? 

The key is to get it right, and you can discover how to optimize your plant-based diet for health and wellbeing on the Plant Fit Summit. Join Dr. Klaper, Dr. Barnard, Dr. Alan Goldhamer, Dr. Campbell, and over 30 other plant based experts, athletes, and coaches as they share their best tips - it’s free to watch.

Even though this may seem complicated, getting a plant-based diet right is worth it.

As Dr. Klaper says: "I see fearsome diseases melt away... people feel light and energetic. That's your birthright! You're supposed to feel healthy, you're not supposed to go through life as a medical patient…" 

The Plant Fit Summit starts on September 1. As a reader of the Plant Based News, you can watch all 40 expert presentations for free. Find out how here.


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