How To Date A Fellow Vegan - And Live To Tell The Tale

Finding a partner can be even more complicated when you're plant-based
It might be worth trying a new approach to dating (Photo: Vinicius Amano)

I must admit that when I discovered the new ways to find and date fellow vegans I was overjoyed. 

I literally ran through the streets of London screaming YIPPEE!!! Well, not literally, I just did that in my head. Multiple times. 

Internet and app dating had been (begrudgingly) in my life for a couple of years and I was ever so weary of explaining what a vegan is.

No, I’m not a hippy... yes, I do wear deodorant... yes, I do know you are not a vegan... no, I won’t insist you go vegan if we date. Etcetera ad nauseum. Times infinity. 


Dating omnis gets tiring. 

Hearing the same comments time and again is a passion killer. 

Wouldn’t dating life be a breeze if you could eliminate all of that? Date venues would be the newest hippest vegan restaurant in town. 

You would share a romantic vegan ice-cream, a cuter version of Lady and the Tramp

And they would just ‘get you’... right? 

Sharing ethics with someone you're dating can make life easier


Well, er, no... dating life is NEVER that simple. 

But, a filtered dating life is a streamlined one. How very romantic I hear you say sarcastically. 

I know this is unromantic, but let’s get down to brass tacks. Time is a precious resource. We cannot make more of it. Yet. 

The multiplicity of dating resources lead to overwhelm as you are fed a constant supply of possible suitors. By eliminating a majority of them you make your life a helluva lot easier. 

Yes, the swipes may make your commute seem shorter, but going on dates with carnists who refuse to try your Zizzi’s vegan pizza with an upturned nose (true story) will save you a whole evening. 


I have heard it said in many vegan Facebook groups that dating a non-vegan and turning them vegan is a great form of vegan activism. 

This process of coercion via dating has long been known as, ironically for vegans, The Honey Trap. But this is not a route I would ever recommend. 

Starting any relationship with the intent to change that person is foolish and dishonest. It could also blow up in your face if you fall for them, unable to resist their charms, yet they have completely resisted your vegan persuasion techniques. 

Meeting people

There are now many ways you can meet other vegan singles; dating apps such as Grazer for those who like the swipe, vegan singles groups on Facebook for those who like to check out a Facebook profile before they connect, and the newest kid on the block, Vingles, for people who prefer IRL (In Real Life). 

Vingles is a vegan supper club and singles event. 

Designed to bring back romance into the dating world, the event is candle-lit and elegant, with a five course menu and wine. 

Launching in London next month, these events will cater for those groups that are often overlooked in the mainstream dating world. 

The first Vingles is for Bi and Pan folk of any sex, with future events planned for 40+ age group and poly people. 

You can find out more about Vingles here.


These modes of dating undoubtedly help the bachelor/ette vegan but, it also makes the person brave enough to take a different route stand out from the crowd. 

If you can muster the courage to start a conversation with a cute guy or gal in your favourite vegan eatery, you may well position yourself head and shoulders above the rest. 

The physical presence, the shy smile, and lingering eye contact give you what dating apps cannot - chemistry. 

That enigmatic magic that defies the tick box list on your profile. 

I am not saying that any route to dating should be shunned; all are useful in their own way. 

But please, please do not turn away from that pretty person nearby only to bury yourself shyly in your phone to return to the never-ending swipe.


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