OPINION: 'Februdairy' Shows That The Dairy industry Is On Its Last Legs

As Veganuary draws to a close, we may be in the midst of another ‘trend’ this February: ‘Februdairy’ - an attempt by the dairy industry to promote its products.
Februdairy shows the dairy industry's 'desperation' (Photo: Annie Spratt)

Not only is Februdairy a silly name, it shows the desperation of the industry. 

In recent times, the dairy industry has taken a bit of a battering; the number of people opting for dairy-free, plant-based diets has gone through the roof. 


Figures show that whilst milk sales continue to fall year-on- year, and the industry becomes less profitable, the sale of plant-milks are booming!

Indeed, a recent poll undertaken by Blue Diamond Almond, who make almond based plant-milks, showed that almost 20 per cent of UK adults plan on trying a dairy-free or vegan diet in 2018.

Veganism is not only increasing rapidly; it has now become mainstream. 

And this is thanks to initiatives like Veganuary, Animal Aid’s Great Vegan Challenge, and grassroots activists who undertake vegan outreach events week in, week out.

Consumers are turning away from dairy milk (Photo: NeONBRAND)


Animal Aid has conducted investigations into slaughterhouses where ‘spent’ dairy cows spend their last moments. 

Footage obtained from these places shows worn out cows, usually just a few years old, with udders many times the size they would naturally be, slaughtered.

It is scenes like this that shine a light on the reality that dairy farmers will often try to hide from the general public.


They do not want the public to know about the forced impregnation, the calves torn away from their mothers and sometimes shot in the head at a day old or sent to veal farms, and

slaughtered at just a few weeks old. 

They don’t want you to see the zero-grazed often standing in their own waste, or the so-called ‘free range’ herds that can spend up to half the year inside barren sheds.

Dairy farmers will often complain and wonder why their industry is on its last legs, yet when one looks at the facts, it is easy to see.

There are more plant-based milks available than ever before

Go vegan

In 2017, Animal Aid sent out more than 5,000 of our 'Go Vegan' packs – as well as this, more than 1,400 took part in our 2017 Great Vegan Challenge – and countless activists handed out tens of thousands of our leaflets. 

Add this to the thousands that took part in similar initiatives by the Vegan Society, PETA, Viva!, and the 150,000+ people that took part in Veganaury this year, it is clear that the world is waking up to the harsh reality of the dairy industry.

So as we move into February, and the dairy industry attempts to gloss over the cruel reality of what it does, rest assured this is nothing more than desperation.

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Tod is the Vegan Outreach Campaign Manager for animal rights organisation Animal Aid. His work revolves around making veganism more accessible and mainstream, in order to encourage non-vegans to try veganism. Follow Animal Aid on Twitter: @AnimalAid

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