Fast Food Chain Taco Bell Brings Back Vegan Rice

Customers had expected to wait until the end of the summer for new butter-free recipe
Vegans can now eat the rice at Taco Bell (Photo: m01229)

Popular fast food chain Taco Bell has re-introduced its popular vegan-certified seasoned rice across all its outlets nationwide.

Back in April of this year, the rice was replaced by a vegetarian option that contained butter.

But now the eatery has finished developing its Mexican-style rice - which is certified as suitable for vegans by the American Vegetarian Society - and is the only rice option on the menu.

Early release

Vegan fans of Taco Bell were expecting to have to wait until the end of the summer before the new rice was released, but the chain managed to add the new option ahead of schedule.

Taco Bell spokesperson Alec Boyle told VegNews: "We worked closely with our supplier to make it happen as quickly as possible to let our vegan fans know we were committed.

"We recognize we have a lot of vegans and vegetarians who come to us, and that even meat-eaters and flexitarians come to us and enjoy our vegan products, like our bean burrito. 

"We know vegans often find themselves limited to sides and fries when they dine out at other places, so providing craveable, affordable vegan choices is a core part of our food commitments."

Easy vegan

This is not the first time the chain has tried to make it easier for vegans to eat there.

Last year, Taco Bell released its How to Eat Vegan at Taco Bell guide, which can be used as a handy reference for diners choosing to eschew all animal products.


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