EXCLUSIVE: Superstar Sia Joins Cast Of Vegan Documentary 'Dominion'

The celebrity will join an all-star crew which includes Jaoquin Pheonix, Rooney Mara, and Earthlings director Shaun Monson
‍Sia is a well-known vegan advocate (Photo: Instagram/Sia Music)

Creators of the highly-anticipated vegan documentary Dominion have announced that superstar Sia will join the film's cast of celebrity narrators.

Sia will join actors Joaquin Phoenix and Rooney Mara - who were announced as narrators in a PBN exclusive - and co-producer Shaun Monson, who directed acclaimed vegan documentary Earthlings.

According to Delforce, Monson is largely to credit for the celebrity support the film has garnered.

Nothing held back

Dominion director Chris Delforce told PBN Founder Klaus Mitchell that he didn’t 'pull any punches' with respect to the film's content - describing the footage as the 'raw truth of what's happening' to the animals.

He said: "I'm not going to try to water that down, I feel like that's doing an injustice to the victims."

Delforce described footage of animals who hadn't 'been stunned properly' having their throats slit 'fully or partly conscious, feeling, and seeing, and hearing all of it'.

The film is thematically comparable to Earthlings - a true-to-life depiction of the abuse of animals - but is expected to pack an extra punch with its up-to-date-footage, celebrity narrators, and improved production value.


In a PBN exclusive, LA Save organizer Amy Davis told Mitchell the film exposes ‘a level of truth that hasn’t existed before. Truth that has been kept behind walls, closed doors, and in darkness’.

In the same interview, Monson described the documentary - which Delforce said he's 'wanted to make for 10 years' - as a 'life changing' expose of 'riveting, horrifying emotion'.

Dominion - which was filmed in Australia but Delforce says has a 'global message' - follows the director's documentary Lucent, which he says was a 'test run' leading up to ground-breaking new film.

Klaus Mitchell Amy Davis Shaun Monson Chris Delforce
PBN Founder Klaus Mitchell pictured with Amy Davis, Shaun Monson, and Chris Delforce

Police raid

Shortly after the release of Lucent, Delforce’s home was raided by police - an apparent attempt to keep the ‘raw truth’ from coming to light.

Delforce said roughly a dozen officers took computers, hard drives, filming equipment, and hours of footage that would never be seen - 'stories' he would sadly 'never be able to tell'.

The police took the footage on the grounds that the crew trespassed on farm property, pressing charges against Delforce, but have refused to take action regarding the mistreatment of animals despite repeated pleas made by Delforce and his team.

The raid prompted Delforce to release his highly-impactful four-minute film 1000 Eyes, and fuelled him to start the seven-year project that became Dominion.

Must-see international release

There has already been a series of test screenings of the film in Australia, with Mara and Pheonix as narrators.

The updated version - which will also include Sia  - is set to be released internationally and online soon after.

Delforce said: "It's such an important message that anyone who consumes animal products, for example, needs to see.

"They need to be aware of what they’re supporting."

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