BREAKING: New Vegan Documentary 'Dominion' To Feature Joaquin Phoenix And Rooney Mara

The team has also expanded to include 'Earthlings' director Shaun Monson
The film will premiere on March 29th in St. Kilda, Victoria

In a PBN exclusive, creators of vegan documentary Dominion have announced that Joaquin Pheonix and his partner Rooney Mara - award-winning actors and vegans - will narrate the film.

In addition, the team has expanded to include co-producer Shaun Monson - of the ground-breaking vegan documentary Earthlings - and two more high-profile narrators whose names will be announced in the full length youtube interview. 

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In the interview with PBN Founder Klaus Mitchell, the film's director Chris Delforce said he's 'really excited that this has all come together'.

Monson is also enthusiastic about the joining the team behind the film - which has been over three years in the making.

He told PBN: "All I can say is how impressed I am with the work Chris and his team have done over the years to assemble this picture together."

'Life changing'

Monson described the film - which examines animal use, exploitation and commodification from multiple angles - as 'truly life-changing', saying it exposes 'riveting, horrifying emotion'.

He said: "What you're going to see is imagery that has never been seen before."

Speaking with Mitchell, LA Save organizer Amy Davis described the film’s content as 'a level of truth that hasn't existed before. Truth that has been kept behind walls, closed doors, and in darkness'.

PBN Founder Klaus Mitchell with Shaun Monson, Chris Delforce, and Amy Davis

See the film

Monson asked viewers, in this PBN exclusive, to 'make time to see this film' and 'share it with friends and family'.

He added that he feels 'hopeful that it’s powerful message will go around the world'.

Dominion will premiere on on March 29 at the Astor Theatre in St Kilda, Victoria.

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