Ex-Vegan Anna Hathaway Ate Animals Again 'To Go With The Flow'

The actor followed a plant-based diet in 2012 while getting in shape for her role as Catwomen in The Dark Knight Rises. She has now revealed the exact moment she ate fish again
Anne Hathaway
Actor Anne Hathaway

Actor Anne Hathaway, who ditched her vegan diet in 2014, has revealed the exact moment she decided to eat animals again.

Speaking during a new interview with Tatler, Hathaway spoke about being the only vegan at the table while dining with husband Adam Shulman and fellow actor Matt Damon, and how everyone else was just 'going with the flow' eating the food on offer.

Eating fish

"While shooting Interstellar in Iceland, the co-stars dined out with Hathaway's husband Adam Shulman at a Michelin-star restaurant, and when Damon said he’d have whatever the chef wanted to serve him, Hathaway caved," according to Tatler.

Hathaway said: "So then I was the only chick and I’m the vegan and everyone’s just going with the flow. So I asked [she puts on a small embarrassed voice] 'Is your fish local?' And they said 'do you see that fjord?' So I had a piece of salmon and my brain felt like a computer rebooting."

The actor originally started following plant-based diet in 2012 while getting in shape for her role as Catwomen in The Dark Knight Rises, in a bid to get in shape.

Ditching plant-based diets

Hathaway is one of multiple personalities who have ditched their plant-based diets, notably YouTubers Rawvana and Tim Shieff among others.

YouTuber Gojiman, who is currently completing a Masters degree in nutrition, and qualifying as a nutritionist, with a Ph.D. in Nutritional Science to follow, made a now-deleted video sharing what he says are traits ex-vegans have in common. He did not mention Anne Hathaway specifically in this video.

'Turning their backs on veganism'

"If there is one good thing to come out of all of these ex-vegan stories, it's our ability to be able to dissect the profile of all of these people, and see what led them to turn their backs on veganism," he said in the video.

"Many of them have large social media profiles and they have tracked their diet, lifestyle, and thought processes on video over a period of time. So it is often very easy to spot patterns and trends in these ex-vegans."

Similarities in ex-vegans

He said the 'majority of these ex-vegans usually enter veganism in ill-health', listing gut problems, acne, and mental health issues including eating disorders.

He added that many had adopted 'extreme' vegan diets - including raw, very high carb with no healthy fats, or intentional calorie restriction for weight loss or high intake for weight gain.

Among other points Gojiman made, he suggested that a common trait in ex-vegans is not ever being concerned about animal ethics.

Vegan for life

Despite multiple former vegans coming forward, other animal rights advocates have pledged to stick with their ethics - including iconic musician Moby who recently promised he will be 'vegan for life'.

"Lots of news lately about a few confused influencers abandoning veganism," Moby wrote on an Instagram last month.

"I've been a vegan for 31 years, and I'm a vegan for life, no matter what. I would not, could not, will not do ANYTHING that could cause or contribute to the suffering of an animal. My life has no more or less meaning than the life of any animal, anywhere."

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