Easy Everyday Swaps and Recipes to Help You Eat More Plant Based

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If you are a regular visitor to plantbasednews.org you are probably either a committed vegan or someone at least interested in the plant-based lifestyle.

If the latter describes you, this article will help teach you some of the simple steps you can take to swap out commonly consumed omnivorous foods with superb plant-based alternatives.

This is a great article to share with friends and to help encourage them to incorporate more plant and less-animal based items in their daily lives.

I promise you that the plant-based alternatives that I provide are equally if not more enjoyable than the conventional choices.

Let’s get started!

When you bake

1. Swap out butter for avocado: If your recipe calls for ½ cup of butter, try ½ of blended or mashed avocado instead.

2. Use flax eggs instead of real eggs: 1 tbsp of ground flaxseed that is combined with 3 tbsp of water and refrigerated for 15 minutes is an excellent plant-based replacement for an egg when baking.

3. Swap in Soy milk for Cow’s milk: This is as easy as it gets! You lose nothing consistency or nutrient wise when swapping out cow’s milk for fortified soy milk.

At breakfast

1. Swap out scrambled eggs for a tofu scramble:  If you haven’t heard of a tofu scramble today, I promise you it will completely change the way you think of tofu. Take a look at the recipe here, and know that your breakfasts will never be the same!

For dessert

1. Swap out Ice Cream For Nice Cream: There are an increasing number of plant-based ice cream alternatives on the market, but I’ve found they really aren’t all that healthy. The solution? Home-made Nice Cream, which can be made with frozen bananas and your choice of plant-based milk.

At Lunch & Dinner

All of your favourite lunch and dinner meals can be prepared just as deliciously using tofu and legumes (such as lentils) as meat alternatives. Don’t believe me? Have a look at these completely plant-based recipes which offer excellent alternatives to conventional animal ingredients.

Plant-based Pot Pie | Tofu Tacos | Lentil Burgers | Tofu Stir-Fry

These delicious and nutritious swaps and recipes can give your plant-based diet a major boost and help convince who are on the fence that plant-based does indeed equal delicious!

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this article are prepared in the author's capacity and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of Plant Based News itself. 

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