CRISIS: 200 Species Are Going Extinct Every Day - And Our Diet Is To Blame

Scientists are calling it the 'Sixth Mass Extinction of Species on Earth'
A mass extinction of species is now underway (Photo: Mario S. Nevado)

An Asheville, North Carolina-based animal rescue group has launched a campaign calling all animal groups to adopt a vegan diet in a bid to prevent a planetary crisis.

Brother Wolf Animal Rescue [BWAR], which has initiated a petition called Save the Animals, Save the Earth, is urging all animal charities to introduce a public vegan policy to fight mass species extinction.

Through its campaign, BWAR wants to raise awareness of the impact animal product consumption has on climate change and biodiversity, bringing into the light the fact that up to 200 species are going extinct every day as a result of our dietary choices.


Paul Magee Berry, executive director of BWAR, told Latest Vegan News: "We’re an animal welfare organization organized to protect animals.

"Learning that, as of this year, we’ve already lost up to 70 percent of the world’s wildlife population since 1970, and that we’re on track to lose 90 percent of the world’s wildlife by 2025. 

"That’s less than ten years from now! It’s easily the most urgent crisis for animals in the history of movement – and no one is talking about it, at least not with any real urgency."

According to the campaign, the extinction crisis is what scientists are calling the 'Sixth Mass Extinction of Species on Earth'.

BWAR cites that global animal agriculture is the number one cause of global deforestation, rainforest depletion, and climate change.



The petition reads: "On behalf of the tens of thousands of wildlife species now facing imminent extinction; for the over one trillion fish, cows, pigs, chickens, turkeys and other farmed animals subjected to unimaginable cruelty and exploitation every year; 

"For this next generation of humans who will inherit a world in chaos due to burgeoning climate change– the transition to a vegan diet is the single greatest act an individual can take to make an immediate impact on these crises."

The campaign also mentions that 'we have 10-20 years at most to create meaningful change, or we may be in a fatal 'runaway' scenario'.

You can sign the petition here


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