Chicago Chain Is Latest Restaurant To Sell Plant-Based Beyond Burger

The vegan patty is becoming more widely available in food outlets across the States
The Beyond Burger is so realistic it 'bleeds' (Photo: Beyond Meat)

Beyond Meat's much-acclaimed Beyond Burger will soon be available at a Chicago Burger bar.

Plant-based enthusiasts will be able to get their hands on the meat-style patty at eight locations of Epic Burger from June 19.

Epic is the first Chicago restaurant to sell the burger, which will be fully customisable, and served with lettuce, tomato, and onions and on a white or wheat bun (both are vegan). The new option will replace the current portobello mushroom veggie burger.

'Darn close'

According to Epic Burger CEO David Friedman, the Beyond Burger - which he tried a year ago at a barbecue - is the best alternative he has found.

He said: "It got pretty darn close to the sensation and satisfaction of eating a burger. That’s what is missing from other patties.

"I really struggled from day one about putting a veggie burger on the menu. There’s never been a really craveable veggie alternative, and I didn’t want to commit the kitchen to a ton of ingredients to developing our own in-house."

Bosses hope the Beyond Burger will start outselling the chicken burger - which sells around 20-30 every day per store.


Friedman is hoping the addition of the burger to his menu will encourage meat eaters to ditch animal flesh for plant-based meals on a regular basis.

He said: "I want people to learn about how their food is produced, distributed and shipped. We are always looking for ways to enlighten people about how food is grown, raised, processed, transported and consumed."

Friedman claims that Epic Burger's purpose is 'to create a more mindful world'. He added: "I believe that by partnering with Beyond Meat, a pioneer in the development of plant-based burgers, we are doing just that. The Beyond Burger truly is the most mindful of burgers.

"I encourage meat eaters to come out with an open mind and give it a try."


Plant-Based Beyond Burger Now On Menu At Fast Food Chain

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