Breaking: "Fake News" Story Targets Vegan Supermarket Chain

Falsely accused of being bankrupt?! Vegan Supermarket chain Veganz is currently embroiled in a fake news nightmare
Veganz is an all in one Vegan Superstore, selling everything from clothes, shoes to every kind of vegan food imaginable

On Monday January 16th, the German News website Spiegel claimed that Veganz, the German based vegan supermarket chain, had filed for bankruptcy. The article stated that the supermarket chain, "which completely forgoes animal products, has failed.”

Other articles quickly followed, including a VICE article, titled: “The World’s First Vegan Supermarket Chain Just Went Bankrupt.”

Veganz, who are the World’s first vegan supermarket chain, responded on facebook, calling the article “fake news.”

“Whoever has put this bullsh*t out to the World would certainly NOT win a prize for good journalism.”

Instead, the company has “launched a plan for insolvency proceedings in only one of six Veganz retail companies.”

The co-owner of the new London-based vegan supermarket GreenBay, Paula Alcalde, said that the journalism was “misleading and lazy” and “can do incredible damage to current vegan businesses”.

In the UK, vegan food sales have increased by 1500% in the last three years, and the number of vegans has increased by over 360% in the last decade. Likewise, Veganuary, the popular British vegan campaign, saw a threefold increase in the number of signups this year relative to 2016.

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PBN Contributor:

Robbie is a film maker, journalist and co-founder of He also co-created the vegan film SWINE. In his spare time he works as a campaigner teaching people about the benefits of the vegan lifestyle.

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