Upcoming Book Prescribes Plant-Based Diet As Cure For Acne

Nina and Randa Nelson collaborated with plant-based physicians to create their guide to clear skin
The Clear Skin Diet
The twins credit an oil-free, plant-based diet for helping them clear their skin

The highly-anticipated debut book from YouTube stars  and lifelong vegans Nina and Randa Nelson will hit shelves this month, promising its readers the keys to clear skin through a plant-based diet.

Helping others

The twins wrote The Clear Skin Diet: The Six-Week Program for Beautiful Skin to share how they cured their acne and improved their health through an oil-free diet - with the hopes of helping others do the same.

Nina told PBN: "I feel like for other people who have acne, it’s a chance for them to take control and clear their skin naturally through diet - not only healing their skin, and helping their confidence, but becoming the happiest and healthiest version of themselves."

Nina and Randa's Transformation
The sisters told PBN it took around a month for their skin to clear in 2014

'Life changing'

The twins won their fight with acne following the advice of acclaimed physician Dr. John McDougall, MD., whose low-fat approach also helped their mother, Sabrina Nelson, recover from a severe autoimmune disease.

Sabrina described the book's contents - which she says are scientifically-proven - as 'life changing'.

John MacDougall Acne Cure
Dr. McDougall, who wrote the foreword for the book, is one of many doctors steering patients away from animal products and processed foods

Clinically tested

For the book, the Nelson twins decided to put the diet to the test - enlisting the help of Kaiser Permanente physician Steve Lawenda, MD.

Lawenda was central to the book's pilot study, which put a low-fat plant-based diet to the test while helping teens who hoped to cure their own acne.

Kendall's Transformation
One participant, Kendall, saw huge benefits from the six-week study

Nina and Randa's father, Jeff Nelson, told PBN that the participants saw 'very positive results' by a month into the study.

In addition to case studies of people who have followed Nina and Randa's diet, the book features tips from doctors, as well as acne-fighting, health-promoting recipes.

Parents' concerns

The book also addresses potential concerns of parents, who may have doubts about plant based diets.

Despite common concerns about plant-based eating, Sabrina maintains that it's 'not only safe, but it's actually better' than a standard American diet.

She added: "It's funny how people who feed their kids McDonalds would worry about whether a vegan diet is safe."

Sarah's Transformation
Sarah, another participant, also cleared her skin through a plant-based diet


Despite their struggles with their skin, Nina and Randa are happy with how their health journey has unfolded.

Randa told PBN: "I'm so excited for this book to come out because I know how much acne hurts - not just physically but emotionally."

Nina explained that their skin problems were, in some ways, a 'blessing in disguise' because it allowed them to discover the long-term benefits of a low-fat, plant-based diet - and given them an opportunity to help others.

The book is set to hit shelves April 10, and will be available in store and online.

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