Vegan Experts Slam Camel Milk Trend As 'Unnatural' And 'Cruel'

As if suckling cow's milk wasn't weird enough, now camel milk is set to become a thing in the U.K.
Camel dairy farms are just as cruel as cow dairy farms (Photo: Daniela Castro)

Leading animal rights experts have blasted the new camel milk trend as 'unnatural'.

Mimi Bekhechi, PETA's Director of International Programmes, told PBN that humans were 'never intended to drink the mammary secretions of other animals'.

Animal charity organization Viva! has also slammed the camel milk, saying that 'camel milk is no more natural for us to drink than cow’s milk'.

The comments follow news that retail giant Asda is now stocking the unusual product.

Camel milk

Camel milk brand Camelicious, which is owned by the ruler of Dubai, Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, has already hit the shelves in Asda.

An Asda spokesperson told news outlet Metro that customers demanded the odd, unnatural product.

"We always aim to make sure our range is a diverse as possible and camel milk is something a number of customers have been asking to see on shelf.

"We know Arabic nomadic groups have been drinking it for centuries, and we’re excited that our customers can now enjoy the latest food trend - we think it’s set to make a big splash."

The unusual 'food product' is now stocked in Asda (Photo: Camelicious Facebook)

Camels' milk is for baby camels

PETA's Director of International Programmes, Mimi Bekhechi, told PBN that camel farming - just like dairy farming - goes against nature.

"Nature never intended for humans to drink the mammary secretions of other animals – and just as human mothers' milk is meant for baby humans and cows' milk is intended for baby cows, camels' milk is designed to feed baby camels," she said.

Steal and sell

Bekhechi added: "Like all animals, camels have to be impregnated and give birth for their bodies to produce milk, but the dairy industry tears babies away from their mothers shortly after birth in order to steal and sell the milk nature intended for those infants. 

"Anyone looking to sip on something exciting that's 100 percent cruelty-free, kinder to the environment, and better for our health should ditch all dairy 'products', and instead try the many plant-based milks – including oat, almond, soya, coconut, and rice options – that are available in all supermarkets, including Asda."

Camels, like all dairy cows, go through unimaginable suffering (Photo: Camelicious Facebook)


A Viva! spokesperson also told PBN: "Camel dairy farms are no better than cow dairy farms and the animals suffer a similar fate, including forced removal of their young, repeated pregnancies, and severely restricted movement. 

"Camel milk is no more natural for us to drink than cow’s milk, so you’re better off without it. 

"Plant milks are always a healthier, ethical, and sustainable choice."


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