Doctor Explains Why He Quit Paleo - And Went Plant-Based

Dr. Lim says it is his life's mission to spread the message about the power of a whole food plant-based diet

Catching a leading plant-based doctor on TV by chance led Dr. Anthony Lim toward a self-confessed 'remarkable transformation' - from Paleo enthusiast to being a passionate advocate of a whole food plant-based diet.

The doctor, who grew up in San Diego, attended Boston University School of Medicine in 2010.


He says: "Unfortunately, in seven years of training - four years at medical school and three years of residency - I did not receive a lot of education or classwork on nutrition.

"In fact, during four years of medical school, I would put it at zero hours."

According to Dr. Lim, he was left to learn about nutrition from the media, and those around him. So when his brother saw results losing weight on a Paleo diet, he became 'spellbound by the idea that carbs are bad'.

He says: "Breakfast would be eggs, sausage, ham and avocado. And I would recommend it to patients. That's how extreme it got."


Watching television one night in 2014, he saw plant-based enthusiast Dr. Joel Fuhrman on PBS.

"He was making outrageous claims about something called the whole food plant-based diet," says Dr Lim.

"I had never heard those four words before. To not just prevent, but to reverse chronic illnesses, at that time just seemed ludicrous to me.

"It warranted further investigation."

Another education

He watched documentary Forks Over Knives, then straight after watched Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead.

"By 4am I was a convert."

When Dr. Lim had the opportunity to listen to a number of plant-based 'titans' (including Dr. Neal Barnard) at the International Plant-Based Nutritional Conference in San Diego a short time later, his conviction was sealed.


"With each day that has passed since 2014, my conviction in a whole food plant-based diet as the key to health for our nation, for our world, has only grown stronger and stronger," he says.

"I know that I am never going to look back. This is it. This is the truth.

"My mission in life is to spread this simple truth as far and wide as possible to all the corners of the globe."

You can watch the full interview with Dr. Lim here.


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