£5 Bank Notes Unsuitable for Vegans and Vegetarians – Causes Outcry

Why many are enraged about the inclusion of animal fat in new UK bank note

Recently, the United Kingdom created a new polymer £5 bank note. The note, invented by Professor David Solomon, contains a type of animal fat known as tallow. This has sparked much controversy among vegetarians, vegans and Hindus, as it goes against their moral and religious beliefs.

Hindu temples in the UK even banned the notes, as they consider cows to be sacred, with the National Council of Hindu Temples stating that the money “ceases to be a simple medium of exchange but becomes a medium for communicating pain and suffering and we would not want to come into contact with it. We are very comfortable that this has happened without any malicious intent but merely out of ignorance and a lack of sensitivity and knowledge and it seems that steps are being taken to ensure that this error is corrected.”

47 year old Doug Maw has started a petition to have the note replaced with a more ethical alternative. With over 130,000 signatures thus far, Maw will be speaking with Bank of England officials to ensure that he doesn’t go unheard.

The inventor, Professor David Solomon has claimed that the backlash against the note is, “absolutely stupid.” Going on to argue that they only contain a “trivial amount” which is often used in soap and candles.

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Kaden is a passionate animal rights activist, writer, graphic designer and cyclist.

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