3 Amazing Things I Learned About the Vegan Community While Promoting My First Vegan Kids' Book

An author and journalist shares her discoveries
Robin Raven is the author of Santa's First Christmas

It has been a year since Santa’s First Vegan Christmas, my debut children’s book, made its debut. 

Illustrated by the talented Kara Maria Schunk, Santa’s First Vegan Christmas tells the story of Dana, a strong and determined reindeer who helps make the holidays merrier for all creatures when she gently opens Santa's eyes to how we can be more kind. 

As for me, I had my eyes opened to a lot of awesome things in the vegan community while promoting the book.

1. There Are a Lot of Awesome Vegan Podcasts

I had the good fortunate to be a guest on some big vegan podcasts. 

Before I started promoting the book, I wasn’t as familiar with vegan podcasts as I should have been. 

After discovering a lot of great ones while promoting the book, I’ve been happily listening to them ever since. Some of the incredible vegan podcasts that are available include:

·      Main Street Vegan with host Victoria Moran

·      It's All About Food with host Caryn Hartglass

·      Earthix with hosts Athena and Caitlin

·      MikeyPod with host Michael Harren

·      Brown Vegan with host Monique Koch

·      Which Side with hosts Jordan Halliday and Jeremy Parkin

·      The Bearded Vegans with hosts Andy Tabar and Paul Steller

·      All Things Vegan Radio with hosts Barb and Judy

·      Go Vegan Radio with host Bob Linden

Those are just some of the wonderful vegan podcasts available. Evanna Lynch of Harry Potter fame recently announced that she has a vegan podcast in the works that sounds very promising, too.

2. Some Young Vegans are Already Community Leaders

I was so fortunate to have a variety of amazing writers, podcast hosts, and YouTube hosts who were happy to review Santa’s First Vegan Christmas

One awesome review came from a talented then-12-year-old who has her own dynamic YouTube channel called Lillycution, and The Vegan Geezer’s child JoJo plays an important part on his channel. 

I realized how many young people are leading the way with their own important activism in a variety of ways in the international vegan community, and that gave me even more optimism than I already had for a better future world.

3. Vegan Leaders and Celebrities Make Time to Support Others’ Work

The many people who got behind the book and gave it their sincere support will forever fill me with gratitude and amazement. 

Alicia Silverstone posted a photo of her copy of the book and praised its sweetness. Marla Rose had me as a 'Vegan Rockstar' guest on Vegan Street.
Silverstone's post about the book

I was thrilled and honored that Jackie Day, Peter Singer, Jo-Anne McArthur, Leinana Two Moons, Kip Anderson, Will Tuttle, Ana M. Negrón, Lee Hall, Marc Bekoff, Jonathan Balcombe, Julia Feliz Brueck, and Mark Hawthorne took time to provide a sincere blurb for Santa’s First Vegan Christmas.

Many other celebrities and leaders in the vegan community also provided blurbs or shared links or write-ups about the book. No matter how busy many people in the vegan community are, they take the time to look at others’ work and get behind it if it speaks to them. 

Who could ask for more than that? It’s a big reminder to me to always do the same whenever I can. Their generosity of spirit left a big impression on me.


What stands out to be most about the vegan community is its compassion. 

Sure, there are a few bad apples in the bunch who make me want to shout: “People are animals, too!” (It’s so important to be kind to people along the way as we care for animals). 

However, the majority of vegans I encountered were kind, gracious, and oh-so-caring about others. 

It made me feel proud to be a part of the vegan community, and I will forever treasure the memories and new friendships that were made along the way.


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Robin Raven is the author of Santa’s First Vegan Christmas. She has written for publications such as The Malibu Times, Alabama Baby & Child Magazine, the official website of Melissa Gilbert, and USAToday.com. She holds a BFA from the School of Visual Arts and is now furthering her education. Robin often has her nose in a book and her arms around a rescued animal. She’s a vegan foodie who blogs at RobinRaven.com and loves to connect with readers on social media. You can follow her @RobinRaven on Twitter.

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