10 Things The Government Doesn't Want You To Know

Below are some simple truths that governments around the World often don't tell us. To see the sources for each fact, click on the corresponding photos.
1. Approximately 56 BILLION animals are killed EVERY YEAR.
2. Animal agriculture is the leading cause of SPECIES EXTINCTION.
3. Animal agriculture is responsible for more greenhouse gas emissions than the entire transportation industry COMBINED.
4. WorldWatch Institute estimated animal agriculture to be responsible for 51% of ALL greenhouse gas emissions.
5. Animal agriculture is responsible for 91% of AMAZON DEFORESTATION.
6. It’s estimated that someone who doesn’t eat animals saves nearly 200 animals EVERY YEAR.
7. Animal agriculture is the leading cause of OCEAN DEAD ZONES.
8. ONE THIRD of earth’s land is used for animal agriculture.
9. Animal agriculture is the leading cause of WATER POLLUTION.
10. Scientists predict that there will be NO FISH IN THE OCEAN by 2048.
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PBN Contributor:

Kaden is a passionate animal rights activist, writer, graphic designer and cyclist.

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