Vegan Film 'Eating Our Way To Extinction' Will 'Expose The True Cost Of Eating Animals'

The film is slated for release in 2018
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Some of the biggest breakthroughs in the plant-based world this year have been achieved through the magic of film.

Look at the success of documentary What the Health, which has inspired many people to go plant-based - or Netflix hit Okja, which reportedly had a direct impact on the number of Google searches for 'vegan' after its release.


An upcoming film which many are hoping will have the same impact is Eating Our Way to Extinction.

The film, which is slated for release next year, has been in development over the last 12 months since the filmmakers launched a crowdfunding campaign.

The crowdfunder reached its target of around £140,000 in January of this year, and according to producers Otto and Ludo Brockway, they have been working hard since.

Principal photography started in August, with some exciting interviews (including Virgin boss Richard Branson) being filmed.

The film looks at animal agriculture (Photo: Eating Our Way to Extinction)

The film looks at animal agriculture (Photo: Eating Our Way to Extinction)

Exposing the cost

According to the filmmakers, they want to 'expose the true cost of eating animals'.

They say: "The film looks at the latest science of what is happening to the ecology and climate of the planet and shows the conclusive evidence that the main cause is animal agriculture.

"The film will feature the latest research from some of the world’s largest studies on human health and nutrition, that show beyond any doubt that a plant-based diet, free from animal products, is far healthier for humans in the long term. 

"We will be showing the explosive and damning evidence that exposes the twisted economics in the foundations of an industry that is one of the most corrupt in the world. 

"We also look at some ground breaking new research from animal-behaviourists that shows us how farm animals and fish are not only far more intelligent than most people give them credit for, but also share many of the same emotional needs and wants as humans."


The pair describe the shift towards a plant-based diet as 'a global phenomenon'.

Part of the film will look at the 'explosive' growth of the plant-based food industry, and the relative 'collapse' of traditional animal ag.

Otto and Ludo say: "Celebrities, leaders and famous athletes all over the world are making the switch, and the growing interest in a plant based lifestyle is hitting the mainstream media almost every day. 

"The film will aim to leave audiences feeling moved and inspired; that by making the shift to a plant based diet, they are joining millions of people all over the planet in a global movement that is beginning to change the world."


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