Vegan Campaigners Tell Climate Minister To Ditch Steak And Save The Planet

The calls follow the Minister's comments that governments should not legislate for diet
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Vegan activists from Veganuary

Activists called on the minister to ditch meat for the good of the planet (Photo: Veganuary)

Vegan charity Veganuary called on Climate Minister Claire Perry to ditch meat and save the planet during an action outside the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy.

The calls follow Perry's comments that it's not Government's job to 'advise people on a climate-friendly diet', which followed the release of the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report, highlighting that we have just 12 years to stave off a climate crisis.

Vegan diet

"The IPCC scientists say we ought to eat much less meat," a Veganuary spokesperson said in a statement sent to Plant Based News. "Animal agriculture is a bigger contributor to climate change than the entire transport sector, and the typical meat eater can halve their dietary greenhouse gas emissions by adopting a vegan diet.

"When asked whether the Cabinet should set an example by eating less beef, the Minister reportedly said 'who would I be to sit there advising people in the country coming home after a hard day of work to not have steak and chips?… Please…'

In response, the charity delivered a dinner invite to the Minister, to try vegan steak and chips created by Derek Sarno, Veganuary ambassador and co-founder of Wicked Kitchen.

Climate Minister Claire Perry

Climate Minister Claire Perry said it's not the Goverment's job to advise a climate-friendly diet

'Vegan is easy'

"It's really easy to have vegan versions of most meals we know and love – including steak and chips," said Rich Hardy, Head of Campaigns at Veganuary.

"In cutting down or eliminating their meat and dairy consumption, the public really isn’t missing out on delicious meals like this.

"And with all the vegan meat and dairy substitutes now available in independent and chain restaurants, as well on the shelves of our supermarkets, it's never been easier to reduce our carbon footprint by eating less meat and dairy."