Hollywood Legend Woody Harrelson Promotes 'Wicked Healthy' Vegan Cookbook

The star ditched animal products many years ago
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Derek Sarno with Hollywood star Woody Harrelson (Photo: Instagram)

Derek Sarno with Hollywood star Woody Harrelson (Photo: Instagram)

Hollywood star Woody Harrelson has teamed up with vegan chef brothers Derek and Chad Sarno in a bid to publicise their new plant-based cookbook.

Natural Born Killers star Harrelson, who also wrote the foreword to The Wicked Health Cookbook, dropped animal products in his twenties after realizing he had an intolerance to lactose.

The brothers are best known in the UK for their pioneering Wicked Kitchen range of vegan ready meals, launched by supermarket Tesco - of which Derek is Chef-Director of Plant-Based Innovation.


Sharing an image of himself with Harrelson, Derek Sarno wrote: "Not a bad day, when doing what you love brings you these moments with friends that happen to be absolute legends!

"So grateful for all of Woody's support with the book, writing the foreward and for being such a legendary plant pusher."

He tagged brother Chad, and added: "Just missing you here bro."

The brothers show off their book (Photo: Instagram)

The brothers show off their book (Photo: Instagram)

'Just the beginning'

The Sarno's cookbook is just part of a year which has seen veganism become increasingly mainstream - growth which is expected to continue.

Derek Sarno Plant Based News: "Plant-based awareness has grown exponentially over the past 10 years and we are on the crest of this wave of compassion that is not slowing down.

"The more people eat plants - the more compassion we can spread. This is here to stay and, and it's far beyond a trend. This is a very exciting year ahead and there's lots more to follow. This is just the beginning."