Vegan Will.I.Am Promises That 'V-Gang' Will Fight 'Dark Forces' Of Food And Drug Corporations

He said he is conscious that what he buys has an impact on the planet and all living beings
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The musician is passionate about plant-based living (Photo: Nicolas Genin)

The musician is passionate about plant-based living (Photo: Nicolas Genin)

Musician and The Voice judge Will. I. Am has published a striking video describing the 'dark forces' conspiring to 'keep us sick' - and pledging to fight them.

The star ditched animal products at the end of last year in a bid to improve his health, and since then has touted the benefits of a plant-based diet - as well as spoken out about the animals.

In the video, which was posted to his Instagram page, Will. I. Am talks about how eating the wrong foods (i.e. animal foods) makes people ill - leading them to take medication.


He says: "For many years I would go to sleep and wake up tired. That's because my body was processing God knows what kind of crazy wicked s*it that was approved.

"In going vegan, I realized there's like this, militia. There's a force out there - a dark force - that is doing a very good job of keeping us all sick.

"Your body makes acid to break down mucus, you make mucus because you're eating things you shouldn't eat.

"And there's a pill for it. They're doing a good job beating us all up - both on nutrition, giving us the wrong information on what's good for us, and then providing us some magical little pill."


He adds: "So I wanted to posse-up and create a gang - the V-Gang, that's a vigilante approach to self-help, to self-medication.

"[It's about] working out, being conscious of what you put in your body, and what you give back to society. And that's the V-Gang."

In the video's caption, he added 'what I buy, and buy into, affects not only me, but the environment and all living things', pledging to 'fight back with [his] dollar'.

'For life'

The video met with praise in the comments, with one user saying: "You are the man!! Love your videos you’ve been putting up. Spreading the awareness with V-Gang."

Another added: "A moment's worth of taste is NOT worth the entire life of a pig. Maybe someday you will realize that."

Several Instagram users simply wrote: "V-Gang for life."