WATCH: Slaughterhouse Owner Calls Vegan Activist A C***

The activist was part of a peaceful vigil
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Activists at the vigil (Photo: Bath Animals Save)

Activists at the vigil (Photo: Bath Animals Save)

A vegan activist was called a c*** by the owner of a slaughterhouse during a 'Save' vigil.

The activist was part of a group bearing witness to cows on their way to slaughter outside the Alec Jarrett meat processing factory in Oldland Common when the incident took place.

Video footage, posted by Bath Animal Save, shows slaughterhouse owner Alec Jarrett confronting vegan activists while talking on the phone. He says: "The c*** is filming me."

The video shows footage from the vigil (Video:Bath Animal Save)

Bearing witness

Protestors, who say they have a 'moral obligation' to attend vigils, claim they received 'threats of violence' from staff members, adding: "Despite this, we were able to bear witness and show our love to the cows being killed."

The group says it has been trying to set up an arrangement with the slaughterhouse, so its members can attend vigils at set times, with the facility's prior agreement - but has been unable to elicit a response from slaughterhouse bosses.

Activists said: "We hope our relationship can move peacefully forward towards an agreement where we can bear witness safely and so we need as much support as possible for our next vigil."

PBN has contacted Alec Jarrett Meat Processors for comment and will update if/when one is received.